Name Description Size
LoadedScript.cpp 7059
LoadedScript.h 3491
ModuleLoadRequest.cpp static 6899
ModuleLoadRequest.h 4223
ScriptDecoding.h Script decoding templates for processing byte data as UTF-8 or UTF-16. 3579
ScriptElement.cpp virtual 3770
ScriptElement.h Baseclass useful for script elements (such as <xhtml:script> and <svg:script>). Currently the class assumes that only the 'src' attribute and the children of the class affect what script to execute. 1582
ScriptKind.h 537
ScriptLoadHandler.cpp aEndOfStream = 14762
ScriptLoadHandler.h A class that handles loading and evaluation of <script> elements. 3624
ScriptLoadRequest.cpp 9564
ScriptLoadRequest.h Some options used when fetching script resources. This only loosely corresponds to HTML's "script fetch options". These are common to all modules in a module graph, and hence a single instance is shared by all ModuleLoadRequest objects in a graph. 13011
ScriptLoader.cpp 144937
ScriptLoader.h The loader maintains a weak reference to the document with which it is initialized. This call forces the reference to be dropped. 26108
ScriptSettings.cpp aAllowWrapping = 27958
ScriptSettings.h Utilities for managing the script settings object stack defined in webapps 19700
ScriptTrace.cpp 1051
ScriptTrace.h 2190 1042
nsIScriptElement.cpp 1539
nsIScriptElement.h Internal interface implemented by script elements 9179
nsIScriptLoaderObserver.idl The script is available for evaluation. For inline scripts, this method will be called synchronously. For externally loaded scripts, this method will be called when the load completes. @param aResult A result code representing the result of loading a script. If this is a failure code, script evaluation will not occur. @param aElement The element being processed. @param aIsInline Is this an inline classic script (as opposed to an externally loaded classic script or module script)? @param aURI What is the URI of the script (the document URI if it is inline). @param aLineNo At what line does the script appear (generally 1 if it is a loaded script). 1905