Name Description Size
MediaElementEventRunners.cpp 5184
MediaElementEventRunners.h This runner is used to dispatch async event on media element. 7639 667
PerformanceRecorder.cpp = TrackAcrossProcesses::NO 10787
PerformanceRecorder.h This represents the different stages that a media data will go through within the playback journey. |---| |---| |------| Copy Demuxed Copy Demuxed Copy Decoded Data Data Video |------------- | |-----------------------------------| Request Demux Request Decode |-----------------------------------------------------------| Request Data RequestData : Record the time where MediaDecoderStateMachine(MDSM) starts asking for a decoded data to MDSM receives a decoded data. RequestDemux : Record the time where MediaFormatReader(MFR) starts asking a demuxed sample to MFR received a demuxed sample. This stage is a sub- stage of RequestData. CopyDemuxedData : On some situations, we will need to copy the demuxed data, which is still not decoded yet so its size is still small. This records the time which we spend on copying data. This stage could happen multiple times, either being a sub-stage of RequestDemux (in MSE case), or being a sub-stage of RequestDecode (when sending data via IPC). RequestDecode : Record the time where MFR starts asking decoder to return a decoded data to MFR receives a decoded data. As the decoder might be remote, this stage might include the time spending on IPC trips. This stage is a sub-stage of RequestData. CopyDecodedVideo : If we can't reuse same decoder texture to the compositor, then we have to copy video data to to another sharable texture. This records the time which we spend on copying data. This stage is a sub- stage of RequestDecode. 13162
TelemetryProbesReporter.cpp 31063
TelemetryProbesReporter.h This class is used for collecting and reporting telemetry probes for its owner which should inherit from TelemetryProbesReporterOwner. We use it for HTMLMediaElement, and each element has one corresponding reporter. 6623