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skip-if(cocoaWidget) load 1185191.html # this needs to run near the beginning of the test suite
load 0-timescale.html # bug 1229166
skip-if(Android) pref(media.autoplay.default,0) load 459439-1.html # bug 888557
load 466607-1.html
load 466945-1.html
load 468763-1.html
load 474744-1.html
HTTP load 481136-1.html # needs to be HTTP to recognize the ogg as an audio file?
load 492286-1.xhtml
load 493915-1.html
pref(media.autoplay.default,0) load 495794-1.html
load 497734-1.xhtml
load 497734-2.html
load 576612-1.html
load 752784-1.html
skip-if(Android) load 789075-1.html # bug 1374405 for android
HTTP load 795892-1.html # bug 1358718
load 844563.html
load 846612.html
load 852838.html
load 865004.html
load 865537-1.html
load 865550.html
load 868504.html
load 874869.html
load 874915.html
load 874934.html
load 874952.html
load 875144.html
load 875596.html
load 875911.html
load 876024-1.html
load 876024-2.html
load 876118.html
load 876207.html
load 876215.html
load 876249.html
load 876252.html
load 876834.html
load 877527.html
load 877820.html
load 878014.html
load 878328.html
load 878407.html
load 878478.html
load 880129.html
load 880202.html
load 880342-1.html
load 880342-2.html
load 880384.html
load 880404.html
load 880724.html
load 881775.html
load 882956.html
load 884459.html
load 889042.html
load 907986-1.html
load 907986-2.html
load 907986-3.html
load 907986-4.html
load 910171-1.html
load 920987.html
load 925619-1.html
load 925619-2.html
load 926619.html
load 933151.html
load 933156.html
load 944851.html
load 952756.html
load 986901.html
load 990794.html
load 995289.html
load 1012609.html
load 1015662.html
skip-if(Android) test-pref(media.navigator.permission.disabled,true) load 1028458.html # bug 1048863
load 1041466.html
load 1045650.html
load 1080986.html
load 1180881.html # bug 1409365
load 1197935.html
load 1122218.html
load 1127188.html
load 1157994.html
load 1158427.html
load 1185176.html
load 1185192.html
skip-if(Android) load 1257700.html # bug 1575666
load 1267263.html
load 1270303.html
load 1368490.html
load 1291702.html
load 1378826.html
load 1384248.html
load 1389304.html
load 1393272.webm
load 1411322.html
pref(media.seektonextframe.enabled,true) load 1450845.html
load 1489160.html
load disconnect-wrong-destination.html
load analyser-channels-1.html
load audiocontext-after-unload-1.html
load audiocontext-after-xhr.html
load audiocontext-double-suspend.html
skip-if(Android) load audioworkletnode-after-unload-1.html # Needs secure context
load buffer-source-duration-1.html
load buffer-source-ended-1.html
load buffer-source-resampling-start-1.html
load buffer-source-slow-resampling-1.html
load convolver-memory-report-1.html
load copyFromChannel-2.html
load empty-buffer-source.html
HTTP load media-element-source-seek-1.html
load offline-buffer-source-ended-1.html
load oscillator-ended-1.html
load oscillator-ended-2.html
load video-replay-after-audio-end.html # bug 1315125, bug 1358876
# This needs to run at the end to avoid leaking busted state into other tests.
skip-if(Android||ThreadSanitizer) load 691096-1.html # Bug 1365451
load 1236639.html
test-pref(media.navigator.permission.disabled,true) test-pref(media.devices.insecure.enabled,true) test-pref(media.getusermedia.insecure.enabled,true) load 1388372.html
load 1414444.mp4
load 1494073.html
skip-if(Android) load 1526044.html # Bug 1528391
load 1530897.webm
load encrypted-track-with-bad-sample-description-index.mp4 # Bug 1533211, unkip after bug 1550912
load encrypted-track-without-tenc.mp4 # Bug 1533215
asserts-if(Android,0-1) load encrypted-track-with-sample-missing-cenc-aux.mp4 # Bug 1533625, bug 1588967
load 1538727.html
load empty-samples.webm # Bug 1540580
test-pref(media.autoplay.default,0) load 1545133.html
load track-with-zero-dimensions.mp4 # Bug 1542539
load 1560215.html
skip-if(Android) load 1547784.html # Skip on Android as clearkey is not supported
load 1547899.html
load 1569645.html
load 1575271.html
load 1577184.html
pref(media.autoplay.default,0) load 1587248.html
load 1594466.html
load 1601385.html
load 1601422.html
load 1604941.html
pref(media.autoplay.default,0) load 1673525.html
skip-if(!winWidget) load 1608286.html
load channel-count-in-metadata-different-than-in-content.mp4 # Bug 1584959
load mp4_box_emptyrange.mp4 # Bug 1667480
load 1673526-1.html
load 1673526-2.html
load 1693043.html
load 1696511.html
load 1697521.html
load 1708790.html
skip-if(appleSilicon) load 1517199.html
load 1734008.html
load 1741677.html
load 1748272.html
load 1752917.html
load 1762620.html
load 1765842.html
load adts.aac # Bug 1770073
load 1787281.html
load 1798778.html
load 1830206.html
load 1833896.mp4
load 1833894.mp4
load 1835164.html
load 1840002.webm
load 1845350.mp4
load noextradata-8ch.html
load invalidfmt.html
load 1848660.html
load 1835118.adts
load trimming_needed_and_last_sample_invalid_duration.ogg
load 1839193.html
load 1850453.html
test-pref(media.wmf.hevc.enabled,1) load 1859384.mp4
test-pref(media.wmf.hevc.enabled,1) load 1859600.mp4
test-pref(media.wmf.hevc.enabled,1) load 1860840.mp4
load 1864450.html
load 1872787.html
load small-timebase.html
load vp9cake_corrupt.webm