Name Description Size
browser.toml 725
browser_encrypted_play_time_telemetry.js import-globals-from ../eme_standalone.js 9332
browser_partial.js 1705
browser_tab_visibility_and_play_time.js This test is used to ensure that invisible play time would be accumulated when tab is in background. It also checks the HDR video accumulation time. However, this test won't directly check the reported telemetry result, because we can't check the snapshot histogram in the content process. The actual probe checking happens in `test_accumulated_play_time.html`. 6676
browser_telemetry_video_hardware_decoding_support.js This test is used to ensure that the scalar which indicates whether hardware decoding is supported for a specific video codec type can be recorded correctly. 2971
file_empty_page.html An empty page 98
file_media.html Non-Autoplay page 202