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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
This XML file describes the encryption applied to |bipbop-cenc*|. To
generate the bipbop-cenc files, run the following commands:
Encrypt bipbop-no-edts.mp4 with the keys specified in this file,
and output to |bipbop-cenc-{video,audio}.mp4|
MP4Box -crypt bipbop-frag-cenc.xml -rem 2 -out bipbop-cenc-video.mp4 bipbop-no-edts.mp4
MP4Box -crypt bipbop-frag-cenc.xml -rem 1 -out bipbop-cenc-audio.mp4 bipbop-no-edts.mp4
Fragment |bipbop-cenc-*.mp4| into 500ms segments:
MP4Box -dash 500 -rap -segment-name bipbop-cenc-video -subsegs-per-sidx 5 bipbop-cenc-video.mp4
MP4Box -dash 500 -rap -segment-name bipbop-cenc-audio -subsegs-per-sidx 5 bipbop-cenc-audio.mp4
The above command will generate a set of fragments in |bipbop-cenc-{video,audio}*.m4s
and |bipbop-cenc-{video,audio}init.mp4| containing just the init segment.
To cut down the duration, we throw out all but the first 3 audio & 2 video segments:
rm bipbop-cenc-audio{[^123],[123][^.]}.m4s
rm bipbop-cenc-video{[^12],[12][^.]}.m4s
MP4Box will also have generated some *.mpd files we don't need:
rm bipbop-cenc-*.mpd
Delete intermediate encrypted files:
rm bipbop-cenc-{audio,video}.mp4
<DRMInfo type="pssh" version="1">
SystemID specified in
<BS ID128="1077efecc0b24d02ace33c1e52e2fb4b" />
<!-- Number of KeyIDs = 2 -->
<BS bits="32" value="2" />
<!-- KeyID -->
<BS ID128="0x7e571d037e571d037e571d037e571d03" />
<BS ID128="0x7e571d047e571d047e571d047e571d04" />
<CrypTrack trackID="1" isEncrypted="1" IV_size="16" saiSavedBox="senc"
<key KID="0x7e571d037e571d037e571d037e571d03"
value="0x7e5733337e5733337e5733337e573333" />
<CrypTrack trackID="2" isEncrypted="1" IV_size="16" saiSavedBox="senc"
<key KID="0x7e571d047e571d047e571d047e571d04"
value="0x7e5744447e5744447e5744447e574444" />