Name Description Size 25759
desktop_capture_impl.h video_capture_impl.h 10099 14349
desktop_device_info.h 2287 aDeviceUniqueIdUTF8 2080
placeholder_device_info.h 1921 6282
platform_uithread.h Windows UI thread for screen capture Launches a thread which enters a message wait loop after calling the provided ThreadRunFunction once. A repeating timer event might be registered with a callback through the Win32 API. If so, that timer will cause WM_TIMER messages to appear in the threads message queue. This will wake the thread which will then first look to see if it received the WM_QUIT message, then it will pass any non WM_QUIT messages on to the registered message handlers (synchronously on the current thread). In the case oF WM_TIMER the registered handler calls the NativeEventCallback which is simply the ThreadRunFunction which was passed to the constructor. Shutdown of the message wait loop is triggered by sending a WM_CLOSE which will start tearing down the "window" which hosts the UI thread. This will cause a WM_DESTROY message to be received. Upon reception a WM_QUIT message is enqueued. When the message wait loop receives a WM_QUIT message it stops, thus allowing the thread to be joined. Note: that the only source of a WM_CLOSE should be PlatformUIThread::Stop. Note: because PlatformUIThread::Stop is called from a different thread than PlatformUIThread::Run, it is possible that Stop can race Run. After being stopped PlatformUIThread can not be started again. 3446 10924
tab_capturer.h 3063 8722
video_capture_factory.h NOTE: This class must be accessed only on a single SerialEventTarget 3446