Name Description Size
AudioDecoderInputTrack.cpp static 24608
AudioDecoderInputTrack.h AudioDecoderInputTrack is used as a source for the audio decoder data, which supports adjusting playback rate and preserve pitch. The owner of this track would be responsible to push audio data via `AppendData()` into a SPSC queue, which is a thread-safe queue between the decoder thread (producer) and the graph thread (consumer). MediaTrackGraph requires data via `ProcessInput()`, then AudioDecoderInputTrack would convert (based on sample rate and playback rate) and append the amount of needed audio frames onto the output segment that would be used by MediaTrackGraph. 9070
AudioSink.cpp 24416
AudioSink.h All public functions are not thread-safe. Called on the task queue of MDSM only. 6467
AudioSinkWrapper.cpp static 20576
AudioSinkWrapper.h A wrapper around AudioSink to provide the interface of MediaSink. 6952
DecodedStream.cpp A container class to make it easier to pass the playback info all the way to DecodedStreamGraphListener from DecodedStream. 43987
DecodedStream.h Worker thread only members. 4780
MediaSink.h A consumer of audio/video data which plays audio and video tracks and manages A/V sync between them. A typical sink sends audio/video outputs to the speaker and screen. However, there are also sinks which capture the output of an media element and send the output to a MediaStream. This class is used to move A/V sync management and audio/video rendering out of MDSM so it is possible for subclasses to do external rendering using specific hardware which is required by TV projects and CDM. Note this class is not thread-safe and should be called from the state machine thread only. 5803 624
VideoSink.cpp 24278
VideoSink.h 5935