Name Description Size
BenchmarkStorageChild.cpp static 996
BenchmarkStorageChild.h Singleton class to avoid recreating the protocol every time we need access to the storage. 927
BenchmarkStorageParent.cpp Moving average window size. 5225
BenchmarkStorageParent.h Helper methods exposed here to be tested via gtest. 1498
DecoderBenchmark.cpp Update now in case the method returns at the if check bellow. 7992
DecoderBenchmark.h For the specific decoder, specified by aDecoderName, it compares the version number, from a static list of versions, to the version number found in the database. If those numbers are different all benchmark entries for that decoder are deleted. 2671
KeyValueStorage.cpp 7346
KeyValueStorage.h A wrapper class around kv store service, which allows storing a pair of key value permanently. The class must be used from the parent process, where there is no sandbox because it requires access to the directory that the database is located. 1826
MediaCapabilities.cpp 28076
MediaCapabilities.h mozilla_dom_MediaCapabilities_h_ 3201 729
PBenchmarkStorage.ipdl 660