Name Description Size
components.conf 478
DocumentL10n.cpp static 10365
DocumentL10n.h This class maintains localization status of the document. The document will initialize it lazily when a link with a localization resource is added to the document. Once initialized, DocumentL10n relays all API methods to an instance of mozILocalization and maintains a single promise which gets resolved the first time the document gets translated. 2504
DOMLocalization.cpp DOMLocalization API 23218
DOMLocalization.h DOMLocalization API Methods documentation in DOMLocalization.webidl 4449
L10nMutations.cpp 10468
L10nMutations.h L10nMutations manage observing roots for localization changes and coalescing pending translations into batches - one per animation frame. 3103
L10nOverlays.cpp Check if attribute is allowed for the given element. This method is used by the sanitizer when the translation markup contains DOM attributes, or when the translation has traits which map to DOM attributes. `aExplicitlyAllowed` can be passed as a list of attributes explicitly allowed on this element. 18731
L10nOverlays.h Translate an element. Translate the element's text content and attributes. Some HTML markup is allowed in the translation. The element's children with the data-l10n-name attribute will be treated as arguments to the translation. If the translation defines the same children, their attributes and text contents will be used for translating the matching source child. 4033 948