Name Description Size
ButtonInputTypes.h mozilla_dom_ButtonInputTypes_h__ 2152
CheckableInputTypes.cpp input type=checkbox 1196
CheckableInputTypes.h mozilla_dom_CheckableInputTypes_h__ 1683
ColorInputType.h mozilla_dom_ColorInputType_h__ 886
DateTimeInputTypes.cpp 14881
DateTimeInputTypes.h This method converts aValue (milliseconds within a day) to hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. 5679
FileInputType.cpp 921
FileInputType.h mozilla_dom_FileInputType_h__ 986
HiddenInputType.h mozilla_dom_HiddenInputType_h__ 893
InputType.cpp static 13216
InputType.h A common superclass for different types of a HTMLInputElement. 8191
NumericInputTypes.cpp input type=number 5887
NumericInputTypes.h mozilla_dom_NumericInputTypes_h__ 2440
SingleLineTextInputTypes.cpp input type=url 8020
SingleLineTextInputTypes.h This helper method returns true if aValue is a valid email address. This is following the HTML5 specification: @param aValue the email address to check. @result whether the given string is a valid email address. 5456 981