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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef mozilla_dom_HTMLIFrameElement_h
#define mozilla_dom_HTMLIFrameElement_h
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "nsGenericHTMLElement.h"
#include "nsGenericHTMLFrameElement.h"
#include "nsDOMTokenList.h"
namespace mozilla::dom {
class FeaturePolicy;
class HTMLIFrameElement final : public nsGenericHTMLFrameElement {
explicit HTMLIFrameElement(
already_AddRefed<mozilla::dom::NodeInfo>&& aNodeInfo,
FromParser aFromParser = NOT_FROM_PARSER);
// nsISupports
// Element
virtual bool IsInteractiveHTMLContent() const override { return true; }
// nsIContent
virtual bool ParseAttribute(int32_t aNamespaceID, nsAtom* aAttribute,
const nsAString& aValue,
nsIPrincipal* aMaybeScriptedPrincipal,
nsAttrValue& aResult) override;
NS_IMETHOD_(bool) IsAttributeMapped(const nsAtom* aAttribute) const override;
virtual nsMapRuleToAttributesFunc GetAttributeMappingFunction()
const override;
virtual nsresult Clone(dom::NodeInfo*, nsINode** aResult) const override;
void NodeInfoChanged(Document* aOldDoc) override;
void BindToBrowsingContext(BrowsingContext* aBrowsingContext);
uint32_t GetSandboxFlags() const;
// Web IDL binding methods
void GetSrc(nsString& aSrc) const {
GetURIAttr(nsGkAtoms::src, nullptr, aSrc);
void SetSrc(const nsAString& aSrc, nsIPrincipal* aTriggeringPrincipal,
ErrorResult& aError) {
SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::src, aSrc, aTriggeringPrincipal, aError);
void GetSrcdoc(DOMString& aSrcdoc) {
GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::srcdoc, aSrcdoc);
void SetSrcdoc(const nsAString& aSrcdoc, ErrorResult& aError) {
SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::srcdoc, aSrcdoc, aError);
void GetName(DOMString& aName) { GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::name, aName); }
void SetName(const nsAString& aName, ErrorResult& aError) {
SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::name, aName, aError);
nsDOMTokenList* Sandbox() {
if (!mSandbox) {
mSandbox =
new nsDOMTokenList(this, nsGkAtoms::sandbox, sSupportedSandboxTokens);
return mSandbox;
bool AllowFullscreen() const {
return GetBoolAttr(nsGkAtoms::allowfullscreen);
void SetAllowFullscreen(bool aAllow, ErrorResult& aError) {
SetHTMLBoolAttr(nsGkAtoms::allowfullscreen, aAllow, aError);
void GetWidth(DOMString& aWidth) { GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::width, aWidth); }
void SetWidth(const nsAString& aWidth, ErrorResult& aError) {
SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::width, aWidth, aError);
void GetHeight(DOMString& aHeight) {
GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::height, aHeight);
void SetHeight(const nsAString& aHeight, ErrorResult& aError) {
SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::height, aHeight, aError);
using nsGenericHTMLFrameElement::GetContentDocument;
using nsGenericHTMLFrameElement::GetContentWindow;
void GetAlign(DOMString& aAlign) { GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::align, aAlign); }
void SetAlign(const nsAString& aAlign, ErrorResult& aError) {
SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::align, aAlign, aError);
void GetAllow(DOMString& aAllow) { GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::allow, aAllow); }
void SetAllow(const nsAString& aAllow, ErrorResult& aError) {
SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::allow, aAllow, aError);
void GetScrolling(DOMString& aScrolling) {
GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::scrolling, aScrolling);
void SetScrolling(const nsAString& aScrolling, ErrorResult& aError) {
SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::scrolling, aScrolling, aError);
void GetFrameBorder(DOMString& aFrameBorder) {
GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::frameborder, aFrameBorder);
void SetFrameBorder(const nsAString& aFrameBorder, ErrorResult& aError) {
SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::frameborder, aFrameBorder, aError);
void GetLongDesc(nsAString& aLongDesc) const {
GetURIAttr(nsGkAtoms::longdesc, nullptr, aLongDesc);
void SetLongDesc(const nsAString& aLongDesc, ErrorResult& aError) {
SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::longdesc, aLongDesc, aError);
void GetMarginWidth(DOMString& aMarginWidth) {
GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::marginwidth, aMarginWidth);
void SetMarginWidth(const nsAString& aMarginWidth, ErrorResult& aError) {
SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::marginwidth, aMarginWidth, aError);
void GetMarginHeight(DOMString& aMarginHeight) {
GetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::marginheight, aMarginHeight);
void SetMarginHeight(const nsAString& aMarginHeight, ErrorResult& aError) {
SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::marginheight, aMarginHeight, aError);
void SetReferrerPolicy(const nsAString& aReferrer, ErrorResult& aError) {
SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::referrerpolicy, aReferrer, aError);
void GetReferrerPolicy(nsAString& aReferrer) {
GetEnumAttr(nsGkAtoms::referrerpolicy, "", aReferrer);
Document* GetSVGDocument(nsIPrincipal& aSubjectPrincipal) {
return GetContentDocument(aSubjectPrincipal);
// nsGenericHTMLFrameElement::GetFrameLoader is fine
// nsGenericHTMLFrameElement::GetAppManifestURL is fine
// The fullscreen flag is set to true only when requestFullscreen is
// explicitly called on this <iframe> element. In case this flag is
// set, the fullscreen state of this element will not be reverted
// automatically when its subdocument exits fullscreen.
bool FullscreenFlag() const { return mFullscreenFlag; }
void SetFullscreenFlag(bool aValue) { mFullscreenFlag = aValue; }
mozilla::dom::FeaturePolicy* FeaturePolicy() const;
void SetLoading(const nsAString& aLoading, ErrorResult& aError) {
SetHTMLAttr(nsGkAtoms::loading, aLoading, aError);
void SetLazyLoading();
void StopLazyLoading();
const LazyLoadFrameResumptionState& GetLazyLoadFrameResumptionState() const {
return mLazyLoadState;
virtual ~HTMLIFrameElement();
virtual JSObject* WrapNode(JSContext* aCx,
JS::Handle<JSObject*> aGivenProto) override;
virtual void AfterSetAttr(int32_t aNameSpaceID, nsAtom* aName,
const nsAttrValue* aValue,
const nsAttrValue* aOldValue,
nsIPrincipal* aMaybeScriptedPrincipal,
bool aNotify) override;
virtual void OnAttrSetButNotChanged(int32_t aNamespaceID, nsAtom* aName,
const nsAttrValueOrString& aValue,
bool aNotify) override;
nsresult BindToTree(BindContext&, nsINode& aParent) override;
static void MapAttributesIntoRule(MappedDeclarationsBuilder&);
static const DOMTokenListSupportedToken sSupportedSandboxTokens[];
void RefreshFeaturePolicy(bool aParseAllowAttribute);
// If this iframe has a 'srcdoc' attribute, the document's origin will be
// returned. Otherwise, if this iframe has a 'src' attribute, the origin will
// be the parsing of its value as URL. If the URL is invalid, or 'src'
// attribute doesn't exist, the origin will be the document's origin.
already_AddRefed<nsIPrincipal> GetFeaturePolicyDefaultOrigin() const;
* This function is called by AfterSetAttr and OnAttrSetButNotChanged.
* This function will be called by AfterSetAttr whether the attribute is being
* set or unset.
* @param aNamespaceID the namespace of the attr being set
* @param aName the localname of the attribute being set
* @param aNotify Whether we plan to notify document observers.
void AfterMaybeChangeAttr(int32_t aNamespaceID, nsAtom* aName, bool aNotify);
* Feature policy inheritance is broken in cross process model, so we may
* have to store feature policy in browsingContext when neccesary.
void MaybeStoreCrossOriginFeaturePolicy();
RefPtr<dom::FeaturePolicy> mFeaturePolicy;
RefPtr<nsDOMTokenList> mSandbox;
* Current lazy load resumption state (base URI and referrer policy).
LazyLoadFrameResumptionState mLazyLoadState;
// Update lazy load state internally
void UpdateLazyLoadState();
} // namespace mozilla::dom