Name Description Size
BodyExtractor.cpp 5936
BodyExtractor.h 1370
ChannelInfo.cpp 2978
ChannelInfo.h 2355
Fetch.cpp 51178
Fetch.h Creates an nsIInputStream based on the fetch specifications 'extract a byte stream algorithm' - Stores content type in out param aContentType. 12022
FetchDriver.cpp 59752
FetchDriver.h Provides callbacks to be called when response is available or on error. Implemenations usually resolve or reject the promise returned from fetch(). The callbacks can be called synchronously or asynchronously from FetchDriver::Fetch. 6930
FetchIPCTypes.h 2834
FetchLog.h 593
FetchObserver.cpp 2511
FetchObserver.h 1307
FetchService.cpp 14256
FetchService.h FetchService is a singleton object which designed to be used in parent process main thread only. It is used to handle the special fetch requests from ServiceWorkers(by Navigation Preload) and PFetch. FetchService creates FetchInstance internally to represent each Fetch request. It supports an asynchronous fetching, FetchServicePromises is created when a Fetch starts, once the response is ready or any error happens, the FetchServicePromises would be resolved or rejected. The promises consumers can set callbacks to handle the Fetch result. 5514
FetchStreamReader.cpp static 12471
FetchStreamReader.h 2883
FetchStreamUtils.cpp 2182
FetchStreamUtils.h 1872
FetchTypes.ipdlh 3228
FetchUtil.cpp 27916
FetchUtil.h Sets outMethod to a valid HTTP request method string based on an input method. Implements checks and normalization as specified by the Fetch specification. Returns NS_ERROR_DOM_SECURITY_ERR if the method is invalid. Otherwise returns NS_OK and the normalized method via outMethod. 3054
Headers.cpp static 2678
Headers.h This Headers class is only used to represent the content facing Headers object. It is actually backed by an InternalHeaders implementation. Gecko code should NEVER use this, except in the Request and Response implementations, where they must always be created from the backing InternalHeaders object. 3931
InternalHeaders.cpp 18698
InternalHeaders.h 6059
InternalRequest.cpp 17165
InternalRequest.h The mapping of RequestDestination and nsContentPolicyType is currently as the following. RequestDestination| nsContentPolicyType ------------------+-------------------- "audio" | TYPE_INTERNAL_AUDIO "audioworklet" | TYPE_INTERNAL_AUDIOWORKLET "document" | TYPE_DOCUMENT "embed" | TYPE_INTERNAL_EMBED "font" | TYPE_FONT, TYPE_INTERNAL_FONT_PRELOAD "frame" | TYPE_INTERNAL_FRAME "iframe" | TYPE_SUBDOCUMENT, TYPE_INTERNAL_IFRAME "image" | TYPE_INTERNAL_IMAGE, TYPE_INTERNAL_IMAGE_PRELOAD, | TYPE_IMAGE, TYPE_INTERNAL_IMAGE_FAVICON, TYPE_IMAGESET "manifest" | TYPE_WEB_MANIFEST "object" | TYPE_INTERNAL_OBJECT, TYPE_OBJECT "paintworklet" | TYPE_INTERNAL_PAINTWORKLET "report" | TYPE_CSP_REPORT "script" | TYPE_INTERNAL_SCRIPT, TYPE_INTERNAL_SCRIPT_PRELOAD, | TYPE_INTERNAL_MODULE, TYPE_INTERNAL_MODULE_PRELOAD, | TYPE_SCRIPT, | TYPE_INTERNAL_SERVICE_WORKER, | TYPE_INTERNAL_WORKER_IMPORT_SCRIPTS, | TYPE_INTERNAL_CHROMEUTILS_COMPILED_SCRIPT | TYPE_INTERNAL_FRAME_MESSAGEMANAGER_SCRIPT "sharedworker" | TYPE_INTERNAL_SHARED_WORKER "serviceworker" | The spec lists this as a valid value for the enum, | however it is impossible to observe a request with this | destination value. "style" | TYPE_INTERNAL_STYLESHEET, | TYPE_INTERNAL_STYLESHEET_PRELOAD, | TYPE_STYLESHEET "track" | TYPE_INTERNAL_TRACK "video" | TYPE_INTERNAL_VIDEO "worker" | TYPE_INTERNAL_WORKER "xslt" | TYPE_XSLT "" | Default for everything else. 16367
InternalResponse.cpp static 13758
InternalResponse.h 11861 1569
Request.cpp 22213
Request.h 4381
Response.cpp static 15210
Response.h 4569
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