Name Description Size
BodyExtractor.cpp 6031
BodyExtractor.h 1415
ChannelInfo.cpp 3362
ChannelInfo.h 2523
ChannelInfo.ipdlh 339
EmptyBody.cpp static 2739
EmptyBody.h 2000
Fetch.cpp 45598
Fetch.h Creates an nsIInputStream based on the fetch specifications 'extract a byte stream algorithm' - Stores content type in out param aContentType. 9825
FetchDriver.cpp 52945
FetchDriver.h Provides callbacks to be called when response is available or on error. Implemenations usually resolve or reject the promise returned from fetch(). The callbacks can be called synchronously or asynchronously from FetchDriver::Fetch. 6047
FetchIPCTypes.h 2498
FetchObserver.cpp 2581
FetchObserver.h 1302
FetchStreamReader.cpp static 11563
FetchStreamReader.h 2483
FetchTypes.ipdlh 1690
FetchUtil.cpp 17362
FetchUtil.h Sets outMethod to a valid HTTP request method string based on an input method. Implements checks and normalization as specified by the Fetch specification. Returns NS_ERROR_DOM_SECURITY_ERR if the method is invalid. Otherwise returns NS_OK and the normalized method via outMethod. 2756
Headers.cpp static 2951
Headers.h This Headers class is only used to represent the content facing Headers object. It is actually backed by an InternalHeaders implementation. Gecko code should NEVER use this, except in the Request and Response implementations, where they must always be created from the backing InternalHeaders object. 4008
InternalHeaders.cpp 17416
InternalHeaders.h 6047
InternalRequest.cpp 18378
InternalRequest.h The mapping of RequestDestination and nsContentPolicyType is currently as the following. Note that this mapping is not perfect yet (see the TODO comments below for examples). RequestDestination| nsContentPolicyType ------------------+-------------------- audio | TYPE_INTERNAL_AUDIO audioworklet | TODO document | TYPE_DOCUMENT, TYPE_INTERNAL_IFRAME, TYPE_SUBDOCUMENT embed | TYPE_INTERNAL_EMBED font | TYPE_FONT image | TYPE_INTERNAL_IMAGE, TYPE_INTERNAL_IMAGE_PRELOAD, | TYPE_IMAGE, TYPE_INTERNAL_IMAGE_FAVICON, TYPE_IMAGESET manifest | TYPE_WEB_MANIFEST object | TYPE_INTERNAL_OBJECT, TYPE_OBJECT "paintworklet" | TODO report" | TODO script | TYPE_INTERNAL_SCRIPT, TYPE_INTERNAL_SCRIPT_PRELOAD, | TYPE_INTERNAL_MODULE, TYPE_INTERNAL_MODULE_PRELOAD, | TYPE_SCRIPT, | TYPE_INTERNAL_SERVICE_WORKER, | TYPE_INTERNAL_WORKER_IMPORT_SCRIPTS sharedworker | TYPE_INTERNAL_SHARED_WORKER serviceworker | The spec lists this as a valid value for the enum, | however it is impossible to observe a request with this | destination value. style | TYPE_INTERNAL_STYLESHEET, | TYPE_INTERNAL_STYLESHEET_PRELOAD, | TYPE_STYLESHEET track | TYPE_INTERNAL_TRACK video | TYPE_INTERNAL_VIDEO worker | TYPE_INTERNAL_WORKER xslt | TYPE_XSLT _empty | Default for everything else. 14315
InternalResponse.cpp static 11620
InternalResponse.h 11068 1519
Request.cpp 20669
Request.h 4005
Response.cpp static 16371
Response.h 3998
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