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Service Worker Performance Tests
Our performance tests are mochitests running in the `mozperftest
harness. Tests reside under `dom/serviceworkers/test/performance
itemized in perftest.toml. Beyond the standard mochitest machinery,
performance tests define a ``perfMetadata`` variable at the top level, and call:
``info("perfMetrics", JSON.stringify(metrics));``
to report their results, where *metrics* is a map from testpoint name to scalar
numeric value. See the `performance scripts documentation
for more.
They can be run via mach perftest, or as normal mochitests via mach test.
(Currently we can’t run the full manifest, see `bug 1865852
Adding new tests
Add files to `perftest.toml
as usual for mochitests.
Modify linux.yml, macosx.yml, and windows.yml under `taskcluster/kinds/perftest
Currently, each test needs to be added individually to the run command (`here
for example). kind.yml can be ignored–it provides some defaults.
Modify the documentation using:
``$ ./mach lint -l perfdocs . --fix --warnings --outgoing``
which will likely cause the command to fail. Running it a second time should
Staging tests in try jobs
``$ ./mach try fuzzy --full``
Look for ``‘service-worker`` to find things like:
| >perftest-windows-service-worker
| >perftest-macosx-service-worker
| >perftest-linux-service-worker
Results can be found in treeherder on `mozilla-central
and `autoland
for linux-sw, macosx-sw, and win-sw (`example
These symbol names are defined in the .yml files under taskcluster/kinds/perftest.
| `Joshua Marshall <>`_ (DOM LWS)
| `Gregory Mierzwinski <>`_ (Performance Tools)