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Console.cpp Console API in workers uses the Structured Clone Algorithm to move any value from the worker thread to the main-thread. Some object cannot be moved and, in these cases, we convert them to strings. It's not the best, but at least we are able to show something. 86886
Console.h 16886
ConsoleAPIStorage.jsm The ConsoleAPIStorage is meant to cache window.console API calls for later reuse by other components when needed. For example, the Web Console code can display the cached messages when it opens for the active tab. ConsoleAPI messages are stored as they come from the ConsoleAPI code, with all their properties. They are kept around until the inner window object that created the messages is destroyed. Messages are indexed by the inner window ID. Usage: let ConsoleAPIStorage = Cc[";1"] .getService(Ci.nsIConsoleAPIStorage); // Get the cached events array for the window you want (use the inner // window ID). let events = ConsoleAPIStorage.getEvents(innerWindowID); events.forEach(function(event) { ... }); // Clear the events for the given inner window ID. ConsoleAPIStorage.clearEvents(innerWindowID); 4650
ConsoleCommon.h mozilla_dom_ConsoleCommon_h 879
ConsoleInstance.cpp from chrome context 7861
ConsoleInstance.h 3442
ConsoleReportCollector.cpp 6247
ConsoleReportCollector.h 3023
ConsoleUtils.cpp static 4466
ConsoleUtils.h mozilla_dom_ConsoleUtils_h 1743
components.conf 550 1180
nsIConsoleAPIStorage.idl Get the events array by inner window ID or all events from all windows. @param string [aId] Optional, the inner window ID for which you want to get the array of cached events. @returns array The array of cached events for the given window. If no |aId| is given this function returns all of the cached events, from any window. 1740
nsIConsoleReportCollector.h 6271
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