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import WebIDL
def WebIDLTest(parser, harness):
interface TestOverloads {
undefined basic();
undefined basic(long arg1);
boolean abitharder(TestOverloads foo);
boolean abitharder(boolean foo);
undefined abitharder(ArrayBuffer? foo);
undefined withVariadics(long... numbers);
undefined withVariadics(TestOverloads iface);
undefined withVariadics(long num, TestOverloads iface);
undefined optionalTest();
undefined optionalTest(optional long num1, long num2);
results = parser.finish()
harness.ok(True, "TestOverloads interface parsed without error.")
harness.check(len(results), 1, "Should be one production.")
iface = results[0]
harness.ok(isinstance(iface, WebIDL.IDLInterface), "Should be an IDLInterface")
iface.identifier.QName(), "::TestOverloads", "Interface has the right QName"
harness.check(, "TestOverloads", "Interface has the right name"
harness.check(len(iface.members), 4, "Expect %s members" % 4)
member = iface.members[0]
"Method has the right QName",
harness.check(, "basic", "Method has the right name")
harness.check(member.hasOverloads(), True, "Method has overloads")
signatures = member.signatures()
harness.check(len(signatures), 2, "Method should have 2 signatures")
(retval, argumentSet) = signatures[0]
harness.check(str(retval), "Undefined", "Expect an undefined retval")
harness.check(len(argumentSet), 0, "Expect an empty argument set")
(retval, argumentSet) = signatures[1]
harness.check(str(retval), "Undefined", "Expect an undefined retval")
harness.check(len(argumentSet), 1, "Expect an argument set with one argument")
argument = argumentSet[0]
harness.ok(isinstance(argument, WebIDL.IDLArgument), "Should be an IDLArgument")
"Argument has the right QName",
harness.check(, "arg1", "Argument has the right name")
harness.check(str(argument.type), "Long", "Argument has the right type")
member = iface.members[3]
len(member.overloadsForArgCount(0)), 1, "Only one overload for no args"
harness.check(len(member.overloadsForArgCount(1)), 0, "No overloads for one arg")
len(member.overloadsForArgCount(2)), 1, "Only one overload for two args"