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import WebIDL
def WebIDLTest(parser, harness):
interface TestCallback {
attribute CallbackType? listener;
callback CallbackType = boolean (unsigned long arg);
results = parser.finish()
harness.ok(True, "TestCallback interface parsed without error.")
harness.check(len(results), 2, "Should be two productions.")
iface = results[0]
harness.ok(isinstance(iface, WebIDL.IDLInterface), "Should be an IDLInterface")
iface.identifier.QName(), "::TestCallback", "Interface has the right QName"
harness.check(, "TestCallback", "Interface has the right name")
harness.check(len(iface.members), 1, "Expect %s members" % 1)
attr = iface.members[0]
harness.ok(isinstance(attr, WebIDL.IDLAttribute), "Should be an IDLAttribute")
harness.ok(attr.isAttr(), "Should be an attribute")
harness.ok(not attr.isMethod(), "Attr is not an method")
harness.ok(not attr.isConst(), "Attr is not a const")
attr.identifier.QName(), "::TestCallback::listener", "Attr has the right QName"
harness.check(, "listener", "Attr has the right name")
t = attr.type
harness.ok(not isinstance(t, WebIDL.IDLWrapperType), "Attr has the right type")
harness.ok(isinstance(t, WebIDL.IDLNullableType), "Attr has the right type")
harness.ok(t.isCallback(), "Attr has the right type")
callback = results[1]
harness.ok(not callback.isConstructor(), "callback is not constructor")