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import WebIDL
def WebIDLTest(parser, harness):
interface TestBuiltins {
attribute boolean b;
attribute byte s8;
attribute octet u8;
attribute short s16;
attribute unsigned short u16;
attribute long s32;
attribute unsigned long u32;
attribute long long s64;
attribute unsigned long long u64;
results = parser.finish()
harness.ok(True, "TestBuiltins interface parsed without error.")
harness.check(len(results), 1, "Should be one production")
harness.ok(isinstance(results[0], WebIDL.IDLInterface), "Should be an IDLInterface")
iface = results[0]
iface.identifier.QName(), "::TestBuiltins", "Interface has the right QName"
harness.check(, "TestBuiltins", "Interface has the right name")
harness.check(iface.parent, None, "Interface has no parent")
members = iface.members
harness.check(len(members), 9, "Should be one production")
names = ["b", "s8", "u8", "s16", "u16", "s32", "u32", "s64", "u64", "ts"]
types = [
for i in range(9):
attr = members[i]
harness.ok(isinstance(attr, WebIDL.IDLAttribute), "Should be an IDLAttribute")
"::TestBuiltins::" + names[i],
"Attr has correct QName",
harness.check(, names[i], "Attr has correct name")
harness.check(str(attr.type), types[i], "Attr type is the correct name")
harness.ok(attr.type.isPrimitive(), "Should be a primitive type")