Name Description Size
accessibility.js Accessible with children listed in the ancestry structure calculated by the walker. 6629
animation.js Sent with the 'mutations' event as part of an array of changes, used to inform fronts of the type of change that occured. 2355
array-buffer.js 636
blackboxing.js 919
breakpoint-list.js 1194
changes.js 826
compatibility.js 1736
css-properties.js 542
device.js 506
environment.js 437
frame.js 490
heap-snapshot-file.js 569
highlighters.js 920
index.js heap snapshot has old fashion client and no front 10908
inspector.js 1782
layout.js 1435
manifest.js 528
memory.js The set of unsolicited events the MemoryActor emits that will be sent over the RDP (by protocol.js). 3128 1423
network-content.js 785
network-event.js 5202
network-parent.js 1621
node.js Returned from any call that might return a node that isn't connected to root by nodes the child has seen, such as querySelector. 3456
object.js 5163
objects-manager.js 581
page-style.js 3281
perf.js Returns null when unable to return the profile. 2301
preference.js 1308
private-properties-iterator.js 1099
property-iterator.js 1018
reflow.js The reflows event is emitted when reflows have been detected. The event is sent with an array of reflows that occured. Each item has the following properties: - start {Number} - end {Number} - isInterruptible {Boolean} 865
responsive.js 858
root.js 2834
screenshot-content.js 805
screenshot.js 834
source.js 2250
storage.js 6516
string.js When a caller is expecting a LongString actor but the string is already available on client, the SimpleStringFront can be used as it shares the same API as a LongStringFront but will not make unnecessary trips to the server. 2185
style-rule.js 1832
style-sheets.js 1177
symbol-iterator.js 979
symbol.js 482
target-configuration.js 1457
thread-configuration.js 792
thread.js 3946
tracer.js 752
walker.js 8953
watcher.js 2586
webconsole.js Start the given Web Console listeners. @see webconsoleFront LISTENERS @Arg array events Array of events you want to start. See this.LISTENERS for known events. 6388