Name Description Size
Actor.js Keep track of which actorSpecs have been created. If a replica of a spec is created, it can be caught, and specs which inherit from other specs will not overwrite eachother. 7964
Front.js Base class for client-side actor fronts. @param [DevToolsClient|null] conn The conn must either be DevToolsClient or null. Must have addActorPool, removeActorPool, and poolFor. conn can be null if the subclass provides a conn property. @param [Target|null] target If we are instantiating a target-scoped front, this is a reference to the front's Target instance, otherwise this is null. @param [Front|null] parentFront The parent front. This is only available if the Front being initialized is a child of a parent front. @constructor 13697
lazy-pool.js A Special Pool for RootActor and WindowGlobalTargetActor, which allows lazy loaded actors to be added to the pool. Like the Pool, this is a protocol object that can manage the lifetime of other protocol objects. Pools are used on both sides of the connection to help coordinate lifetimes. @param conn Is a DevToolsServerConnection. Must have addActorPool, removeActorPool, and poolFor. @constructor 7582 484
Pool.js Actor and Front implementations 5925
Request.js Manages a request template. @param object template The request template. @construcor 4243
Response.js Manages a response template. @param object template The response template. @construcor 3096
types.js Types: named marshallers/demarshallers. Types provide a 'write' function that takes a js representation and returns a protocol representation, and a "read" function that takes a protocol representation and returns a js representation. The read and write methods are also passed a context object that represent the actor or front requesting the translation. Types are referred to with a typestring. Basic types are registered by name using addType, and more complex types can be generated by adding detail to the type name. 17648
utils.js Find Placeholders in the template and save them along with their paths. 1076