Name Description Size
ChannelMap.sys.mjs FinalizationRegistry callback, see Will be invoked when the channel corresponding to the weak reference is "destroyed", at which point we can cleanup the corresponding entry in our regular map. 4012 717
NetworkAuthListener.sys.mjs This class is a simplified version from the AuthRequestor used by the WebExtensions codebase at: The NetworkAuthListener will monitor the provided channel and will invoke the owner's `onAuthPrompt` end point whenever an auth challenge is requested. The owner will receive several callbacks to proceed with the prompt: - cancelAuthPrompt(): cancel the authentication attempt - forwardAuthPrompt(): forward the auth prompt request to the next notification callback. If no other custom callback is set, this will typically lead to show the auth prompt dialog in the browser UI. - provideAuthCredentials(username, password): attempt to authenticate with the provided username and password. Please note that the request will be blocked until the consumer calls one of the callbacks listed above. Make sure to eventually unblock the request if you implement `onAuthPrompt`. @param {nsIChannel} channel The channel to monitor. @param {object} owner The owner object, expected to implement `onAuthPrompt`. 5889
NetworkHelper.sys.mjs Creator: Joe Hewitt Contributors John J. Barton (IBM Almaden) Jan Odvarko (Mozilla Corp.) Max Stepanov (Aptana Inc.) Rob Campbell (Mozilla Corp.) Hans Hillen (Paciello Group, Mozilla) Curtis Bartley (Mozilla Corp.) Mike Collins (IBM Almaden) Kevin Decker Mike Ratcliffe (Comartis AG) Hernan Rodríguez Colmeiro Austin Andrews Christoph Dorn Steven Roussey (AppCenter Inc, Network54) Mihai Sucan (Mozilla Corp.) 29606
NetworkObserver.sys.mjs NetworkObserver is the main class in DevTools to observe network requests out of many events fired by the platform code. 46785
NetworkOverride.sys.mjs This modules focuses on redirecting requests to a particular local file. 2208
NetworkResponseListener.sys.mjs The network response listener implements the nsIStreamListener and nsIRequestObserver interfaces. This is used within the NetworkObserver feature to get the response body of the request. The code is mostly based on code listings from: nsitraceablechannel-intercept-http-traffic/ @constructor @param {Object} httpActivity HttpActivity object associated with this request. See NetworkObserver more information. @param {Map} decodedCertificateCache A Map of certificate fingerprints to decoded certificates, to avoid repeatedly decoding previously-seen certificates. 18227
NetworkThrottleManager.sys.mjs Construct a new nsIStreamListener that buffers data and provides a method to notify another listener when data is available. This is used to throttle network data on a per-channel basis. After construction, @see setOriginalListener must be called on the new object. @param {NetworkThrottleQueue} queue the NetworkThrottleQueue to which status changes should be reported 13824
NetworkUtils.sys.mjs Convert a nsIContentPolicy constant to a display string 22228 # Network Observer modules 373
WildcardToRegexp.sys.mjs Converts a URL-like string which might include the `*` character as a wildcard to a regular expression. They are used to match against actual URLs for the request blocking feature from DevTools. The returned regular expression is case insensitive. @param {string} url A URL-like string which can contain one or several `*` as wildcard characters. @return {RegExp} A regular expression which can be used to match URLs compatible with the provided url "template". 994