Name Description Size
base-loader.sys.mjs exported Loader, resolveURI, Module, Require, unload 19690
browser-loader-mocks.js Retrieve a mocked module matching the provided uri, eg "resource://path/to/file.js". 2373
browser-loader.sys.mjs Create a loader to be used in a browser environment. This evaluates modules in their own environment, but sets window (the normal global object) as the sandbox prototype, so when a variable is not defined it checks `window` before throwing an error. This makes all browser APIs available to modules by default, like a normal browser environment, but modules are still evaluated in their own scope. Another very important feature of this loader is that it *only* deals with modules loaded from under `baseURI`. Anything loaded outside of that path will still be loaded from the devtools loader, so all system modules are still shared and cached across instances. An exception to this is anything under `devtools/client/shared/{vendor/components}`, which is where shared libraries and React components live that should be evaluated in a browser environment. @param string baseURI Base path to load modules from. If null or undefined, only the shared vendor/components modules are loaded with the browser loader. @param Object window The window instance to evaluate modules within @param Boolean useOnlyShared If true, ignores `baseURI` and only loads the shared BROWSER_BASED_DIRS via BrowserLoader. @return Object An object with two properties: - loader: the Loader instance - require: a function to require modules with 8725
builtin-modules.js This module defines custom globals injected in all our modules and also pseudo modules that aren't separate files but just dynamically set values. Note that some globals are being defined by base-loader.sys.mjs via wantGlobalProperties property. As it does so, the module itself doesn't have access to these globals, nor the pseudo modules. Be careful to avoid loading any other js module as they would also miss them. 6855
DistinctSystemPrincipalLoader.sys.mjs 1626
loader-plugin-raw.sys.mjs A function that can be used as part of a require hook for a loader.js Loader. This function handles "raw!" and "theme-loader!" requires. See also: 1327
Loader.sys.mjs Manages the base loader (base-loader.sys.mjs) instance used to load the developer tools. 7740 701
worker-loader.sys.mjs global DebuggerNotificationObserver 16144