Name Description Size
AutoMemMap.cpp 1567
AutoMemMap.h 2045
CensusUtils.js Visitor *************************************************************** 14177 72691
CoreDump.pb.h @@protoc_insertion_point(class_definition:mozilla.devtools.protobuf.Metadata) 109594
CoreDump.proto 6540
DeserializedNode.cpp 3902
DeserializedNode.h 10314
DominatorTree.cpp Cycle Collection Boilerplate **************************************************************** 4698
DominatorTree.h 2196
DominatorTreeNode.js A single node in a dominator tree. @param {NodeId} nodeId @param {NodeSize} retainedSize 10218
FileDescriptorOutputStream.cpp static 2253
FileDescriptorOutputStream.h 1074
HeapAnalysesClient.js A HeapAnalysesClient instance provides a developer-friendly interface for interacting with a HeapAnalysesWorker. This enables users to be ignorant of the message passing protocol used to communicate with the worker. The HeapAnalysesClient owns the worker, and terminating the worker is done by terminating the client (see the `destroy` method). 11032
HeapAnalysesWorker.js global ChromeUtils 9357
HeapSnapshot.cpp Cycle Collection Boilerplate ******************************************** 52674
HeapSnapshot.h 8005
HeapSnapshotFileUtils.js Get a unique temp file path for a new heap snapshot. The file is guaranteed not to exist before this call. @returns String 3081
HeapSnapshotTempFileHelperChild.h static 1016
HeapSnapshotTempFileHelperParent.cpp 1725
HeapSnapshotTempFileHelperParent.h static 1244
PHeapSnapshotTempFileHelper.ipdl 817
ZeroCopyNSIOutputStream.cpp 2240
ZeroCopyNSIOutputStream.h 2376
census-tree-node.js Return true if the given object is a SavedFrame stack object, false otherwise. @param {any} obj @returns {Boolean} 23765 668 1650
shortest-paths.js Compress a set of paths leading to `target` into a single graph, returned as a set of nodes and a set of edges. @param {NodeId} target The target node passed to `HeapSnapshot.computeShortestPaths`. @param {Array<Path>} paths An array of paths to `target`, as returned by `HeapSnapshot.computeShortestPaths`. @returns {Object} An object with two properties: - edges: An array of unique objects of the form: { from: <node ID>, to: <node ID>, name: <string or null> } - nodes: An array of unique node IDs. Every `from` and `to` id is guaranteed to be in this array exactly once. 2769
tests 4
.gitattributes 21