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platform-messages.js 1714
reflow.js 761
root-node.js 2511
source.js Emit SOURCE resources, which represents a Javascript source and has the following attributes set on "available": - introductionType {null|String}: A string indicating how this source code was introduced into the system. This will typically be set to "scriptElement", "eval", ... But this may have many other values: - sourceMapBaseURL {String}: Base URL where to look for a source map. This isn't the source map URL. - sourceMapURL {null|String}: URL of the source map, if there is one. - url {null|String}: URL of the source, if it relates to a particular URL. Evaled sources won't have any related URL. - isBlackBoxed {Boolean}: Specifying whether the source actor's 'black-boxed' flag is set. - extensionName {null|String}: If the source comes from an add-on, the add-on name. 4137
thread-states.js 2277