Name Description Size
chrome.manifest.flat 156
python.toml 141
test.manifest.flat 135
test.manifest.jar 162
test.manifest.symlink 135 Reading according to filesystem traversal works. We attempt to read every known file via filesystem traversal. If this test fails, it means that metadata extraction will fail. 3928 3332 Unit tests for 6454 Unit tests for the get_prerelease_suffix function 2343 Test case infrastructure for MozZipFile. This isn't really a unit test, but a test case generator and runner. For a given set of files, lengths, and number of writes, we create a testcase for every combination of the three. There are some symmetries used to reduce the number of test cases, the first file written is always the first file, the second is either the first or the second, the third is one of the first three. That is, if we had 4 files, but only three writes, the fourth file would never even get tried. The content written to the jars is pseudorandom with a fixed seed. 6346