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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
import re
import string
import textwrap
comment_re = re.compile(r"//[^\n]*\n|/\*.*\*/", re.S)
decl_re = re.compile(
r"""^(.+)\s+ # type
(\w+)\s* # name
(?:\((.*)\))?$ # optional param tys
re.X | re.S,
def read_decls(filename):
"""Parse & yield C-style decls from an input file"""
with open(filename, "r") as fd:
# Strip comments from the source text.
text = comment_re.sub("",
# Parse individual declarations.
raw_decls = [d.strip() for d in text.split(";") if d.strip()]
for raw in raw_decls:
match = decl_re.match(raw)
if match is None:
raise "Invalid decl: %s" % raw
ty, name, params = match.groups()
if params is not None:
params = [a.strip() for a in params.split(",") if a.strip()]
yield ty, name, params
def generate(fd, consts_path, unicodes_path, template_path, compiler):
# Parse the template
with open(template_path, "r") as template_fd:
template = string.Template(
decls = ""
# Each constant should be saved to a temporary, and then re-assigned to a
# constant with the correct name, allowing the value to be determined by
# the actual definition.
for ty, name, args in read_decls(consts_path):
assert args is None, "parameters in const decl!"
decls += textwrap.dedent(
#ifdef {name}
constexpr {ty} _tmp_{name} = {name};
#undef {name}
constexpr {ty} {name} = _tmp_{name};
ty=ty, name=name
# Each unicode declaration defines a static inline function with the
# correct types which calls the 'A' or 'W'-suffixed versions of the
# function. Full types are required here to ensure that '0' to 'nullptr'
# coersions are preserved.
for ty, name, args in read_decls(unicodes_path):
assert args is not None, "argument list required for unicode decl"
# Parameter & argument string list
params = ", ".join("%s a%d" % (ty, i) for i, ty in enumerate(args))
args = ", ".join("a%d" % i for i in range(len(args)))
decls += textwrap.dedent(
#ifdef {name}
#undef {name}
static inline {ty} WINAPI
#ifdef UNICODE
return {name}W({args});
= delete;
ty=ty, name=name, params=params, args=args
# Write out the resulting file