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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
# /!\ Please make sure to update the following comment when you touch this
# file. Thank you /!\
# The traditional Mozilla build system relied on going through the entire
# build tree a number of times with different targets, and many of the
# things happening at each step required other things happening in previous
# steps without any documentation of those dependencies.
# This new build system tries to start afresh by establishing what files or
# operations are needed for the build, and applying the necessary rules to
# have those in place, relying on make dependencies to get them going.
# As of writing, only building non-compiled parts of Firefox is supported
# here (a few other things are also left out). This is a starting point, with
# the intent to grow this build system to make it more complete.
# This file contains rules and dependencies to get things working. The intent
# is for a Makefile to define some dependencies and variables, and include
# this file. What needs to be defined there, and ends up being generated by
# python/mozbuild/mozbuild/backend/ is the following:
# - TOPSRCDIR/TOPOBJDIR, respectively the top source directory and the top
# object directory
# - PYTHON, the path to the python executable
# - ACDEFINES, which contains a set of -Dvar=name to be used during
# preprocessing
# - INSTALL_MANIFESTS, which defines the list of base directories handled
# by install manifests, see further below
# A convention used between this file and the Makefile including it is that
# global Make variables names are uppercase, while "local" Make variables
# applied to specific targets are lowercase.
# Targets to be triggered for a default build
default: $(addprefix install-,$(INSTALL_MANIFESTS))
ifndef NO_XPIDL
# Targets from the recursive make backend to be built for a default build
default: $(TOPOBJDIR)/config/makefiles/xpidl/xpidl
# Mac builds require to copy things in dist/bin/*.app
# TODO: remove the MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT and MOZ_BUILD_APP variables from
# faster/Makefile and python/mozbuild/mozbuild/test/backend/
# when this is not required anymore.
# We however don't need to do this when using the hybrid
# FasterMake/RecursiveMake backend (FASTER_RECURSIVE_MAKE is set when
# recursing from the RecursiveMake backend)
ifeq (cocoa,$(MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT))
$(MAKE) -C $(TOPOBJDIR)/$(MOZ_BUILD_APP)/app repackage
# Files under the faster/ sub-directory, however, are not meant to use the
# fallback
$(TOPOBJDIR)/faster/%: ;
# Generic rule to fall back to the recursive make backend.
# This needs to stay after other $(TOPOBJDIR)/* rules because GNU Make
# <3.82 apply pattern rules in definition order, not stem length like
# modern GNU Make.
$(MAKE) -C $(dir $@) $(notdir $@)
# Install files using install manifests
# The list of base directories is given in INSTALL_MANIFESTS. The
# corresponding install manifests are named correspondingly, with forward
# slashes replaced with underscores, and prefixed with `install_`. That is,
# the install manifest for `dist/bin` would be `install_dist_bin`.
$(addprefix install-,$(INSTALL_MANIFESTS)): install-%: $(addprefix $(TOPOBJDIR)/,buildid.h source-repo.h)
@# For now, force preprocessed files to be reprocessed every time.
@# The overhead is not that big, and this avoids waiting for proper
@# support for defines tracking in process_install_manifest.
@touch install_$(subst /,_,$*)
$(PYTHON3) -m mozbuild.action.process_install_manifest \
$(if $(filter copy,$(NSDISTMODE)),--no-symlinks) \
--track install_$(subst /,_,$*).track \
-DAB_CD=en-US \
install_$(subst /,_,$*)
# ============================================================================
# Below is a set of additional dependencies and variables used to build things
# that are not supported by data in
$(TOPOBJDIR)/build/.deps/application.ini.stub: $(TOPOBJDIR)/buildid.h $(TOPOBJDIR)/source-repo.h