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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (state.current.allowed,
# state.current.allowedForSession,
# state.current.allowedTemporarily,
# state.current.blockedTemporarily,
# state.current.blocked,
# state.current.hide):
# This label is used to display active permission states in the site
# identity popup (which does not have a lot of screen space).
state.current.allowed = Allowed
state.current.allowedForSession = Allowed for Session
state.current.allowedTemporarily = Allowed Temporarily
state.current.blockedTemporarily = Blocked Temporarily
state.current.blocked = Blocked
state.current.prompt = Always Ask
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (state.multichoice.alwaysAsk,
# state.multichoice.allow,
# state.multichoice.allowForSession,
# state.multichoice.block):
# Used to label permission state checkboxes in the page info dialog.
state.multichoice.alwaysAsk = Always Ask
state.multichoice.allow = Allow
state.multichoice.allowForSession = Allow for Session
state.multichoice.block = Block
state.multichoice.autoplayblock = Block Audio
state.multichoice.autoplayblockall = Block Audio and Video
state.multichoice.autoplayallow = Allow Audio and Video
permission.autoplay.label = Autoplay
permission.cookie.label = Set Cookies
permission.desktop-notification3.label = Send Notifications = Use the Camera
permission.microphone.label = Use the Microphone
permission.screen.label = Share the Screen
permission.install.label = Install Add-ons
permission.popup.label = Open Pop-up Windows
permission.geo.label = Access Your Location
permission.xr.label = Access Virtual Reality Devices
permission.shortcuts.label = Override Keyboard Shortcuts
permission.focus-tab-by-prompt.label = Switch to this Tab
permission.persistent-storage.label = Store Data in Persistent Storage
permission.canvas.label = Extract Canvas Data
permission.midi.label = Access MIDI Devices
permission.midi-sysex.label = Access MIDI Devices with SysEx Support