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bug0000000-testbed-js-injection.js globals exportFunction 236 Bug 1452707 - Build site patch for WebCompat issue #16401 - The online banking at detect if window.controllers is a non-falsy value to detect if the current browser is Firefox or something else. In bug 1448045, this shim has been disabled for Firefox Nightly 61+, which breaks the UA detection on this site and results in a "Browser unsuppored" error message. This site patch simply sets window.controllers to a string, resulting in their check to work again. 927 Bug 1457335 - - Override UA & navigator.vendor WebCompat issue #1804 - This site is using a strict matching of navigator.userAgent and navigator.vendor to allow access for Safari or Chrome. Here, we set the values appropriately so we get recognized as Chrome. 970 Bug 1472075 - Build UA override for Bank of America for OSX & Linux WebCompat issue #2787 - BoA is showing a red warning to Linux and macOS users, while accepting Windows users without warning. From our side, there is no difference here and we receive a lot of user complains about the warnings, so we spoof as Firefox on Windows in those cases. 1374 - Override PDFJS.disableWorker to be true WebCompat issue #39057 - Custom viewer built with PDF.js is not working in Firefox for Android Disabling worker to match Chrome behavior fixes the issue 725 globals exportFunction 2398 Bug 1610358 - Add "mobile" to navigator.appVersion WebCompat issue #40353 - the site expecting navigator.appVersion to contain "mobile", otherwise it's serving a tablet version for Firefox mobile 687 Bug 1631811 - disable indexedDB for iframes Indexed DB is disabled already for these iframes due to cookie blocking. This intervention changes the functionality from throwing a SecurityError when indexedDB is accessed to removing it from the window object 575 Bug 1677442 - disable indexedDB for The site embeds an iframe with a 3D viewer. The request fails because BabylonJS (the 3d library) tries to access indexedDB from the third party context ( Disabling indexedDB fixes it, causing it to fetch the 3d resource via network. 636