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bug0000000-testbed-js-injection.js globals exportFunction 236 Bug 1452707 - Build site patch for WebCompat issue #16401 - The online banking at detect if window.controllers is a non-falsy value to detect if the current browser is Firefox or something else. In bug 1448045, this shim has been disabled for Firefox Nightly 61+, which breaks the UA detection on this site and results in a "Browser unsuppored" error message. This site patch simply sets window.controllers to a string, resulting in their check to work again. 927 Bug 1457335 - - Override UA & navigator.vendor WebCompat issue #1804 - This site is using a strict matching of navigator.userAgent and navigator.vendor to allow access for Safari or Chrome. Here, we set the values appropriately so we get recognized as Chrome. 970 Bug 1472075 - Build UA override for Bank of America for OSX & Linux WebCompat issue #2787 - BoA is showing a red warning to Linux and macOS users, while accepting Windows users without warning. From our side, there is no difference here and we receive a lot of user complains about the warnings, so we spoof as Firefox on Windows in those cases. 1374 - Override PDFJS.disableWorker to be true WebCompat issue #39057 - Custom viewer built with PDF.js is not working in Firefox for Android Disabling worker to match Chrome behavior fixes the issue 725 globals exportFunction 2398 Bug 1610358 - Add "mobile" to navigator.appVersion WebCompat issue #40353 - the site expecting navigator.appVersion to contain "mobile", otherwise it's serving a tablet version for Firefox mobile 687 Bug 1631811 - disable indexedDB for iframes Indexed DB is disabled already for these iframes due to cookie blocking. This intervention changes the functionality from throwing a SecurityError when indexedDB is accessed to removing it from the window object 575 Bug 1711082 - Cannot trigger search bar on AliExpress mobile page This patch ensures that the search input never has the [disabled] attribute, so that users may tap/click on it to search. See for details. 945 Bug 1714612 - Build site patch for WebCompat issue #155672 - This site patch polyfills HTML outerText, as the page relies on it to function properly (the map will not pan properly after zooming in). 744 Bug 1722955 - Add UA override for Webcompat issue #36277 - The website is sending the desktop version to Firefox on mobile devices based on UA sniffing. Spoofing as Chrome fixes this. 515 Bug 1724764 - WebCompat issue #81762 - Amex travel is not displaying search results due to an error caused by missing window.print() function. Adding print to the window object allows to load the results. 670 Bug 1724868 - - Override UA WebCompat issue #82605 - Yahoo Japan news doesn't allow playing video in Firefox on Android as they don't have it in their support matrix. They check UA override twice and display different ui with the same error. Changing UA to Chrome via content script allows playing the videos. 881 globals exportFunction, UAHelpers 316
bug1731825-office365-email-handling-prompt-autohide.js Bug 1731825 - Office 365 email handling prompt autohide This site patch prevents the notification bar on Office 365 apps from popping up on each page-load, offering to handle email with Outlook. 995