Name Description Size
assertIsBlankDocument.js globals browser 653
assertIsTrusted.js For use with addEventListener, assures that any events have event.isTrusted set to true Should be applied *inside* catcher.watchFunction 871
background 8
blank.html 253
blobConverters.js 1463
build 4
catcher.js Turn an exception into an error object 2246
clipboard.js globals catcher, assertIsBlankDocument, browser 2086
domainFromUrl.js Returns the domain of a URL, but safely and in ASCII; URLs without domains (such as about:blank) return the scheme, Unicode domains get stripped down to ASCII 1024
experiments 1
log.js globals buildSettings 1026
manifest.json 1435 1805
randomString.js exported randomString 594
selector 6
sitehelper.js globals catcher, callBackground, content 1858
test 1