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Form Autofill Heuristics
Form Autofill Heuristics module is for detecting the field type based on `autocomplete attribute <>`_, `the regular expressions <>`_ and the customized logic in each parser.
The pref ``extensions.formautofill.heuristics.enabled`` is "true" in default. Set it to "false" could be useful to verify the result of autocomplete attribute.
Dependent APIs
``element.getAutocompleteInfo()`` provides the parsed result of ``autocomplete`` attribute which includes the field name and section information defined in `autofill spec <>`_
Regular Expressions
This section is about how the regular expression is applied during parsing fields. All regular expressions are in `heuristicsRegexp.js <>`_.
Parser Implementations
The parsers are for detecting the field type more accurately based on the near context of a field. Each parser uses ``FieldScanner`` to traverse the interested fields with the result from the regular expressions and adjust each field type when it matches to a grammar.
* _parsePhoneFields
* related type: ``tel``, ``tel-*``
* _parseAddressFields
* related type: ``address-line[1-3]``
* _parseCreditCardExpirationDateFields
* related type: ``cc-exp``, ``cc-exp-month``, ``cc-exp-year``