Name Description Size
EventEmitter.sys.mjs 931 296 693
sidebar.js 1305
sidebar.xhtml 5392
SyncedTabsDeckComponent.sys.mjs SyncedTabsDeckComponent This component instantiates views and storage objects as well as defines behaviors that will be passed down to the views. This helps keep the views isolated and easier to test. 5550
SyncedTabsDeckStore.sys.mjs SyncedTabsDeckStore This store keeps track of the deck view state, including the panels and which one is selected. The view listens for change events on the store, which are triggered whenever the state changes. If it's a small change, the state will have `isUpdatable` set to true so the view can skip rerendering the whole DOM. 1645
SyncedTabsDeckView.sys.mjs SyncedTabsDeckView Instances of SyncedTabsDeckView render DOM nodes from a given state. No state is kept internaly and the DOM will completely rerender unless the state flags `isUpdatable`, which helps make small changes without the overhead of a full rerender. 2607
SyncedTabsListStore.sys.mjs SyncedTabsListStore Instances of this store encapsulate all of the state associated with a synced tabs list view. The state includes the clients, their tabs, the row that is currently selected, and the filtered query. 7256
TabListComponent.sys.mjs TabListComponent The purpose of this component is to compose the view, state, and actions. It defines high level actions that act on the state and passes them to the view for it to trigger during user interaction. It also subscribes the view to state changes so it can rerender. 3911
TabListView.sys.mjs TabListView Given a state, this object will render the corresponding DOM. It maintains no state of it's own. It listens for DOM events and triggers actions that may cause the state to change and ultimately the view to rerender. 18175
util.sys.mjs 360