Name Description Size
browser-sidebar.js SidebarController handles logic such as toggling sidebar panels, dynamically adding menubar menu items for the View -> Sidebar menu, and provides APIs for sidebar extensions, etc. 36033 892 377
sidebar-customize.css 1224
sidebar-customize.html 1003
sidebar-customize.mjs 5604
sidebar-history.html 1469
sidebar-history.mjs The template to use for cards-container. 5567
sidebar-main.css 953
sidebar-main.mjs Sidebar with expanded and collapsed states that provides entry points to various sidebar panels and sidebar extensions. 7766
sidebar-page.mjs Clear out the document so the disconnectedCallback() will trigger properly and all of the custom elements can cleanup. 1359
sidebar-panel-header.css 545
sidebar-panel-header.mjs 1304
sidebar-syncedtabs.html 1507
sidebar-syncedtabs.mjs The template shown when the list of synced devices is currently unavailable. @param {object} options @param {string} options.action @param {string} options.buttonLabel @param {string[]} options.descriptionArray @param {string} options.descriptionLink @param {boolean} options.error @param {string} options.header @param {string} options.headerIconUrl @param {string} options.mainImageUrl @returns {TemplateResult} 5559
sidebar.css 797
sidebar.ftl 2336