Name Description Size
content 2
HeadlessShell.jsm 7419 408 2099
nsGNOMEShellDBusHelper.cpp 17481
nsGNOMEShellDBusHelper.h 1612
nsGNOMEShellSearchProvider.cpp 14864
nsGNOMEShellSearchProvider.h 4711
nsGNOMEShellService.cpp 16818
nsGNOMEShellService.h 1363
nsIGNOMEShellService.idl Used to determine whether or not to offer "Set as desktop background" functionality. Even if shell service is available it is not guaranteed that it is able to set the background for every desktop which is especially true for Linux with its many different desktop environments. 861
nsIMacShellService.idl Opens the desktop preferences, e.g. for after setting the background. 975
nsIShellService.idl Determines whether or not Firefox is the "Default Browser." This is simply whether or not Firefox is registered to handle http links. @param aForAllTypes true if the check should be made for HTTP and HTML. false if the check should be made for HTTP only. This parameter may be ignored on some platforms. 2711
nsIWindowsShellService.idl Pin the current app to the taskbar This MUST only be used in response to an active request from the user. Uses an existing shortcut on the Desktop or Start Menu, which would have been created by the installer (for All Users or Current User), in order to ensure that the pin is associated with this executable and AUMID for proper launching and grouping. NOTE: This method probably shouldn't be used on the main thread, it performs blocking disk I/O. NOTE: It is possible for the shortcut match to fail even when a shortcut refers to the current executable, if the paths differ due to e.g. symlinks. This should be rare. This will definitely fail on an OS before Windows 10 build 1809 (October 2018 Update). @throws NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE if OS is not at least Windows 10 build 1809, or if creating the Taskband Pin object fails @throws NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND if a shortcut matching this app's AUMID and exe path wasn't found @throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE for unexpected errors 3914
nsMacShellService.cpp 9393
nsMacShellService.h 942
nsShellService.h 590
nsToolkitShellService.h 788
nsWindowsShellService.cpp 34949
nsWindowsShellService.h 1150
ScreenshotChild.jsm 984
search-provider-files In order to get gnome shell search provider registered and active 3
ShellService.jsm Internal functionality to save and restore the docShell.allow* properties. 10835
test 22
WindowsDefaultBrowser.cpp This file exists so that LaunchModernSettingsDialogDefaultApps can be called without linking to libxul. 5530
WindowsDefaultBrowser.h This file exists so that LaunchModernSettingsDialogDefaultApps can be called without linking to libxul. 772
WindowsUserChoice.cpp Generate and check the UserChoice Hash, which protects file and protocol associations on Windows 10. NOTE: This is also used in the WDBA, so it avoids XUL and XPCOM. References: - PS-SFTA by Danysys <> - based on a PureBasic version by LMongrain <> - AssocHashGen by "halfmeasuresdisabled", see bug 1225660 and <> - SetUserFTA changelog <> 15050
WindowsUserChoice.h Check the UserChoice Hashes for https, http, .html, .htm This should be checked before attempting to set a new default browser via the UserChoice key, to confirm our understanding of the existing hash. If an incorrect hash is written, Windows will prompt the user to choose a new default (or, in recent versions, it will just reset the default to Edge). Assuming that the existing hash value is correct (since Windows is fairly diligent about replacing bad keys), if we can recompute it from scratch, then we should be able to compute a correct hash for our new UserChoice key. @return true if we matched all the hashes, false otherwise. 3690