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HeadlessShell.jsm 6485 406 1444
nsGNOMEShellService.cpp 15977
nsGNOMEShellService.h 1072
nsIGNOMEShellService.idl Used to determine whether or not to offer "Set as desktop background" functionality. Even if shell service is available it is not guaranteed that it is able to set the background for every desktop which is especially true for Linux with its many different desktop environments. 719
nsIMacShellService.idl Opens the desktop preferences, e.g. for after setting the background. 547
nsIShellService.idl Determines whether or not Firefox is the "Default Browser." This is simply whether or not Firefox is registered to handle http links. @param aForAllTypes true if the check should be made for HTTP and HTML. false if the check should be made for HTTP only. This parameter may be ignored on some platforms. 2716
nsMacShellService.cpp 10328
nsMacShellService.h 942
nsShellService.h 590
nsToolkitShellService.h 788
nsWindowsShellService.cpp 21182
nsWindowsShellService.h 1020
ScreenshotChild.jsm 1239
ShellService.jsm Internal functionality to save and restore the docShell.allow* properties. 3791
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