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pktApi.sys.mjs Pocket API module Public API Documentation: Definition of keys stored in preferences to preserve user state: premium_status: Current premium status for logged in user if available Can be 0 for no premium and 1 for premium latestSince: Last timestamp a save happened tags: All tags for logged in user usedTags: All used tags from within the extension sorted by recency 27699
pktTelemetry.sys.mjs Records the provided data and common pocket-button data to Glean, then submits it all in a pocket-button ping. @param eventAction - A string like "click" @param eventSource - A string like "save_button" @param eventPosition - (optional) A 0-based index. If falsey and not 0, is coalesced to undefined. @param model - (optional) An identifier for the machine learning model used to generate the recommendations like "vec-bestarticle" 2631
pktUI.js Pocket UI module Handles interactions with Pocket buttons, panels and menus. 16536
Pocket.sys.mjs 1790
SaveToPocket.sys.mjs -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 8021