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CommonNames.jsm A subset of the most visited sites according to Alexa. Used as a fallback if a site doesn't expose site_name metadata. Maps a site's hostname (not including `www.`) to its common name. 10236
content 19
Interactions.jsm Returns a monotonically increasing timestamp, that is critical to distinguish database entries by creation time. 22868
InteractionsBlocklist.jsm A class that maintains a blocklist of URLs. The class exposes a method to check if a particular URL is contained on the blocklist. 7385
InteractionsChild.jsm Listens for interactions in the child process and passes information to the parent. 2808
InteractionsParent.jsm Receives messages from InteractionsChild and passes them to the appropriate interactions object. 1042 1993
metadataViewer 3 966
PlacesUIUtils.jsm -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 62044
Snapshots.jsm @typedef {object} SnapshotCriteria A set of tests to check if a set of interactions are a snapshot. @property {string} property The property to check. @property {string} aggregator An aggregator to apply ("sum", "avg", "max", "min"). @property {number} cutoff The value to compare against. @property {?number} interactionCount The maximum number of interactions to consider. @property {?number} interactionRecency The maximum age of interactions to consider, in milliseconds. 29556
SnapshotScorer.jsm The snapshot scorer receives sets of snapshots and scores them based on the expected relevancy to the user. This order is subsequently used to display the candidates. 6024
SnapshotSelector.jsm A snapshot selector is responsible for generating a list of snapshots based on the current context. The context initially is just the url of the page being viewed but will evolve to include things like the search terms that brought the user to that page etc. Individual snapshots can be told to rebuild their set of snapshots and a global function is provided that triggers all current selectors to rebuild. The selector is an event emitter that will emit a "snapshots-updated" event when a new list is generated. This component is intentionally decoupled from where the context comes from so it can be unit tested. 8627
tests 3
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