Name Description Size
.eslintrc.js 343
docs 268 764
OpenGraphPageData.sys.mjs Collects Open Graph ( related data from a page. 1474
PageDataChild.sys.mjs The actor responsible for monitoring a page for page data. 3021
PageDataParent.sys.mjs Receives messages from PageDataChild and passes them to the PageData service. 1509
PageDataSchema.sys.mjs The list of page data collectors. These should be sorted in order of specificity, if the same piece of data is provided by two collectors then the earlier wins. Collectors must provide a `collect` function which will be passed the document object and should return the PageData structure. The function may be asynchronous if needed. The data returned need not be valid, collectors should return whatever they can and then we drop anything that is invalid once all data is joined. 6683
PageDataService.sys.mjs Shifts the first element out of the set. @param {Set<T>} set The set containing elements. @returns {T | undefined} The first element in the set or undefined if there is nothing in the set. 17031
SchemaOrgPageData.sys.mjs Represents an item from the specification. Every `Item` has a type and a set of properties. Each property has a string name and a list of values. It often isn't clear from the spec whether a property is expected to have a list of values or just one value so this data structure stores every property as a list and provides a simple method to get the first property value. 10747
TwitterPageData.sys.mjs Collects Twitter card ( related data from a page. 1168