Name Description Size
firefox-view-notification-manager.sys.mjs This module exports the FirefoxViewNotificationManager singleton, which manages the notification state for the Firefox View button 3366
firefox-view-tabs-setup-manager.sys.mjs This module exports the TabsSetupFlowManager singleton, which manages the state and diverse inputs which drive the Firefox View synced tabs setup flow 19589
firefoxview.css align the base font-size on root element with that of <body> so rem-based layout widths and break-points behave predictably 20596
firefoxview.html 9292
firefoxview.mjs 1439
helpers.mjs 3218 942 562
recently-closed-tabs.mjs 12278
tab-pickup-container.mjs eslint-env mozilla/remote-page 10212
tab-pickup-list.mjs Handles removing and setting tabindex on elements while moving focus to the next element @param {HTMLElement} currentElement currently focused element @param {HTMLElement} nextElement element that should receive focus next @memberof TabPickupList @private 12404