Name Description Size
card-container.css 2954
card-container.mjs A collapsible card container to be used throughout Firefox View @property {string} sectionLabel - The aria-label used for the section landmark if the header is hidden with hideHeader @property {boolean} hideHeader - Optional property given if the card container should not display a header @property {boolean} isEmptyState - Optional property given if the card is used within an empty state @property {boolean} isInnerCard - Optional property given if the card a nested card within another card and given a border rather than box-shadow @property {boolean} preserveCollapseState - Whether or not the expanded/collapsed state should persist @property {string} shortPageName - Page name that the 'View all' link will navigate to and the preserveCollapseState pref will use @property {boolean} showViewAll - True if you need to display a 'View all' header link to navigate 4696
firefox-view-notification-manager.sys.mjs This module exports the FirefoxViewNotificationManager singleton, which manages the notification state for the Firefox View button 3322
firefox-view-places-query.sys.mjs Extension of PlacesQuery which provides additional caches for Firefox View. 5024
firefox-view-synced-tabs-error-handler.sys.mjs This module exports the SyncedTabsErrorHandler singleton, which handles error states for synced tabs. 6663
firefox-view-tabs-setup-manager.sys.mjs This module exports the TabsSetupFlowManager singleton, which manages the state and diverse inputs which drive the Firefox View synced tabs setup flow 22639
firefoxview-next.css override --in-content-page-background from common-shared.css 5601
firefoxview-next.html 3981
firefoxview-next.mjs 3089
firefoxview.css align the base font-size on root element with that of <body> so rem-based layout widths and break-points behave predictably 20469
firefoxview.html 11504
firefoxview.mjs 1098
fxview-category-button.css 2736
fxview-category-navigation.css Align the header text/icon with the category button icons 1375
fxview-category-navigation.mjs 3897
fxview-empty-state.css 1413
fxview-empty-state.mjs An empty state card to be used throughout Firefox View @property {string} headerIconUrl - (Optional) The chrome:// url for an icon to be displayed within the header @property {string} headerLabel - (Optional) The l10n id for the header text for the empty/error state @property {string} isInnerCard - (Optional) True if the card is displayed within another card and needs a border instead of box shadow @property {boolean} isSelectedTab - (Optional) True if the component is the selected navigation tab - defaults to false @property {Array} descriptionLabels - (Required) An array of l10n ids for the secondary description text for the empty/error state @property {object} descriptionLink - (Optional) An object describing the l10n name and url needed within a description label @property {string} mainImageUrl - (Optional) The chrome:// url for the main image of the empty/error state @property {string} errorGrayscale - (Optional) The image should be shown in gray scale 3976
fxview-tab-list.css 419
fxview-tab-list.mjs A list of clickable tab items @property {boolean} compactRows - Whether to hide the URL and date/time for each tab. @property {string} dateTimeFormat - Expected format for date and/or time @property {string} hasPopup - The aria-haspopup attribute for the secondary action, if required @property {number} maxTabsLength - The max number of tabs for the list @property {Array} tabItems - Items to show in the tab list 17297
fxview-tab-row.css 3120
helpers.mjs 3135
history.css 1499
history.mjs 15871 2903 681
opentabs.mjs A collection of open tabs grouped by window. @property {Map<Window, MozTabbrowserTab[]>} windows A mapping of windows to their respective list of open tabs. 16898
recentbrowsing.mjs 1013
recently-closed-tabs.mjs 13865
recentlyclosed.mjs 10162
syncedtabs.mjs 17132
tab-pickup-container.mjs eslint-env mozilla/remote-page 9109
tab-pickup-list.mjs Handles removing and setting tabindex on elements while moving focus to the next element @param {HTMLElement} currentElement currently focused element @param {HTMLElement} nextElement element that should receive focus next @memberof TabPickupList @private 12404
view-opentabs.css Switch to 2-column layout on narrow viewports 597
view-syncedtabs.css 1823
viewpage.mjs Override this function to run a callback whenever Firefox View is visible. 4338