Name Description Size
card-container.css 3341
card-container.mjs A collapsible card container to be used throughout Firefox View @property {string} sectionLabel - The aria-label used for the section landmark if the header is hidden with hideHeader @property {boolean} hideHeader - Optional property given if the card container should not display a header @property {boolean} isEmptyState - Optional property given if the card is used within an empty state @property {boolean} isInnerCard - Optional property given if the card a nested card within another card and given a border rather than box-shadow @property {boolean} preserveCollapseState - Whether or not the expanded/collapsed state should persist @property {string} shortPageName - Page name that the 'View all' link will navigate to and the preserveCollapseState pref will use @property {boolean} showViewAll - True if you need to display a 'View all' header link to navigate @property {boolean} toggleDisabled - Optional property given if the card container should not be collapsible @property {boolean} removeBlockEndMargin - True if you need to remove the block end margin on the card container 6459
firefox-view-synced-tabs-error-handler.sys.mjs This module exports the SyncedTabsErrorHandler singleton, which handles error states for synced tabs. 6667
firefox-view-tabs-setup-manager.sys.mjs This module exports the TabsSetupFlowManager singleton, which manages the state and diverse inputs which drive the Firefox View synced tabs setup flow 21276
firefoxview.css override --in-content-page-background from common-shared.css 4792
firefoxview.html 4059
firefoxview.mjs 5529
fxview-empty-state.css 1710
fxview-empty-state.mjs An empty state card to be used throughout Firefox View @property {string} headerIconUrl - (Optional) The chrome:// url for an icon to be displayed within the header @property {string} headerLabel - (Optional) The l10n id for the header text for the empty/error state @property {object} headerArgs - (Optional) The l10n args for the header text for the empty/error state @property {string} isInnerCard - (Optional) True if the card is displayed within another card and needs a border instead of box shadow @property {boolean} isSelectedTab - (Optional) True if the component is the selected navigation tab - defaults to false @property {Array} descriptionLabels - (Optional) An array of l10n ids for the secondary description text for the empty/error state @property {object} descriptionLink - (Optional) An object describing the l10n name and url needed within a description label @property {string} mainImageUrl - (Optional) The chrome:// url for the main image of the empty/error state @property {string} errorGrayscale - (Optional) The image should be shown in gray scale 4561
fxview-search-textbox.css 1592
fxview-search-textbox.mjs A search box that displays a search icon and is clearable. Updates to the search query trigger a `fxview-search-textbox-query` event with the current query value. There is no actual searching done here. That needs to be implemented by the `fxview-search-textbox-query` event handler. `searchTabList()` from `search-helpers.mjs` can be used as a starting point. @property {string} placeholder The placeholder text for the search box. @property {number} size The width (number of characters) of the search box. @property {string} pageName The hash for the page name that the search input is located on. 3433
fxview-tab-list.css 656
fxview-tab-list.mjs A list of clickable tab items @property {boolean} compactRows - Whether to hide the URL and date/time for each tab. @property {string} dateTimeFormat - Expected format for date and/or time @property {string} hasPopup - The aria-haspopup attribute for the secondary action, if required @property {number} maxTabsLength - The max number of tabs for the list @property {Array} tabItems - Items to show in the tab list @property {string} searchQuery - The query string to highlight, if provided. @property {string} secondaryActionClass - The class used to style the secondary action element @property {string} tertiaryActionClass - The class used to style the tertiary action element 28642
fxview-tab-row.css 2970
helpers.mjs This function doesn't just copy the link to the clipboard, it creates a URL object on the clipboard, so when it's pasted into an application that supports it, it displays the title as a link. 4739
history.css 1274
history.mjs 15712
HistoryController.sys.mjs A list of visits displayed on a card. @typedef {object} CardEntry @property {string} domain @property {HistoryVisit[]} items @property {string} l10nId 10452 2360 623
opentabs-tab-list.css 659
opentabs-tab-list.mjs A list of clickable tab items @property {boolean} pinnedTabsGridView - Whether to show pinned tabs in a grid view 18808
opentabs-tab-row.css 3139
opentabs.mjs A collection of open tabs grouped by window. @property {Array<Window>} windows A list of windows with the same privateness @property {string} sortOption The sorting order of open tabs: - "recency": Sorted by recent activity. (For recent browsing, this is the only option.) - "tabStripOrder": Match the order in which they appear on the tab strip. 30919
OpenTabs.sys.mjs This module provides the means to monitor and query for tab collections against open browser windows and allow listeners to be notified of changes to those collections. 13270
recentbrowsing.mjs 1707
recentlyclosed.mjs 14357
search-helpers.mjs Escape special characters for regular expressions from a string. @param {string} string The string to sanitize. @returns {string} The sanitized string. 739
syncedtabs.mjs 13243
SyncedTabsController.sys.mjs The controller for synced tabs components. @implements {ReactiveController} 10497
triage.json 761
view-opentabs.css Switch to 2-column layout on narrow viewports 841
view-syncedtabs.css 2244
viewpage.mjs A base class for content container views displayed on firefox-view. @property {boolean} recentBrowsing Is part of the recentbrowsing page view @property {boolean} paused No content will be updated and rendered while paused 7594