Name Description Size
DoHConfig.jsm This module provides an interface to acces DoH config settings - e.g. whether DoH is enabled, whether capabilities are enabled, etc. Currently this just provides getters for prefs, but imminently will be extended to read config from a Remote Settings collection and filter by client region etc. 2042
DoHController.jsm This module runs the automated heuristics to enable/disable DoH on different networks. Heuristics are run at startup and upon network changes. Heuristics are disabled if the user sets their DoH provider or mode manually. 22780
DoHHeuristics.jsm This module implements the heuristics used to determine whether to enable or disable DoH on different networks. DoHController is responsible for running these at startup and upon network changes. 10587
TRRPerformance.jsm This module tests TRR performance by issuing DNS requests to TRRs and recording telemetry for the network time for each request. We test each TRR with 5 random subdomains of a canonical domain and also a "popular" domain (which the TRR likely have cached). To ensure data integrity, we run the requests in an aggregator wrapper and collect all the results before sending telemetry. If we detect network loss, the results are discarded. A new run is triggered upon detection of usable network until a full set of results has been captured. We stop retrying after 5 attempts. 11953 586
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