Name Description Size
AttributionCode.sys.mjs This is a policy object used to override behavior for testing. 14420
MacAttribution.sys.mjs Get the location of the user's macOS quarantine database. @return {String} path. 5531 942
nsIMacAttribution.idl Set the referrer URL on a given path. @param aFilePath A path to the file to set the quarantine data on. @param aReferrer A url to set as the referrer for the download. @param aCreate If true, creates new quarantine properties, overwriting any existing properties. If false, the referrer is only set if quarantine properties already exist on the file. 1000
nsMacAttribution.cpp 1661
nsMacAttribution.h 634
ProvenanceData.sys.mjs Clears cached code/Promises. For testing only. 21130