Name Description Size
AccessibleWrap.cpp For documentation of the accessibility architecture, see 8594
AccessibleWrap.h System caret support: update the Windows caret position. The system caret works more universally than the MSAA caret For example, Window-Eyes, JAWS, ZoomText and Windows Tablet Edition use it We will use an invisible system caret. Gecko is still responsible for drawing its own caret 3169
ApplicationAccessibleWrap.cpp 1412
ApplicationAccessibleWrap.h 847
ARIAGridAccessibleWrap.h 657
Compatibility.cpp String versions of consumer flags. See GetHumanReadableConsumersStr. 8400
Compatibility.h Used to get compatibility modes. Note, modes are computed at accessibility start up time and aren't changed during lifetime. 3401
CompatibilityUIA.cpp 11397
DocAccessibleWrap.cpp 3529
DocAccessibleWrap.h 902
EnumVariant.cpp 2396
EnumVariant.h Used to fetch accessible children. 1705
GeckoCustom.cpp 2302
GeckoCustom.h a dumpster to put things exposed by the xpcom API but not a windows platform API for the purposes of testing. 1559
HTMLTableAccessibleWrap.h 741
HyperTextAccessibleWrap.cpp 1353
HyperTextAccessibleWrap.h 848
ImageAccessibleWrap.h 587
IUnknownImpl.cpp 774
IUnknownImpl.h 6731
LazyInstantiator.cpp static 21526
LazyInstantiator.h LazyInstantiator is an IAccessible that initially acts as a placeholder. The a11y service is not actually started until two conditions are met: (1) A method is called on the LazyInstantiator that would require a11y services in order to fulfill; and (2) LazyInstantiator::ShouldInstantiate returns true. 5089 2023
MsaaAccessible.cpp static 54331
MsaaAccessible.h Find an accessible by the given child ID in cached documents. 9253
MsaaDocAccessible.cpp static 6216
MsaaDocAccessible.h [id][propget] 2085
MsaaIdGenerator.cpp 10561
MsaaIdGenerator.h This class is responsible for generating child IDs used by our MSAA implementation. If the accessibility cache is disabled, we must differentiate IDs based on the originating process of the accessible, so a portion of the ID's bits are allocated to storing that information. The remaining bits represent the unique ID of the accessible, within that content process. The constants kNumContentProcessIDBits and kNumUniqueIDBits in the implementation are responsible for determining the proportion of bits that are allocated for each purpose. If the accessibility cache is enabled, we don't need to differentiate IDs based on the originating process, so all bits of the ID are used for the unique ID. 2280
MsaaRootAccessible.cpp [in] 5330
MsaaRootAccessible.h This method enables a RootAccessibleWrap to be wrapped by a LazyInstantiator. @param aOuter The IUnknown of the object that is wrapping this RootAccessibleWrap, or nullptr to unwrap the aOuter from a previous call. @return This objects own IUnknown (as opposed to aOuter's IUnknown). 1898
MsaaXULMenuAccessible.cpp [optional][in] 1387
MsaaXULMenuAccessible.h [id][propget] 824
nsEventMap.h 9876
nsWinUtils.cpp WindowProc to process WM_GETOBJECT messages, used in windows emulation mode. 5846
nsWinUtils.h Return computed styles declaration for the given node. @note Please use it carefully since it can shutdown the accessible tree you operate on. 2984
NtUndoc.h 2420
Platform.cpp 13074
RootAccessibleWrap.cpp 1612
RootAccessibleWrap.h 763
ServiceProvider.cpp 4256
ServiceProvider.h 1025
TextLeafAccessibleWrap.h 592
XULListboxAccessibleWrap.h 600
XULMenuAccessibleWrap.cpp 1336
XULMenuAccessibleWrap.h 794
XULTreeGridAccessibleWrap.h 637