Name Description Size
ARIAGridAccessibleWrap.h 671
AccessibleWrap.h clang-format off 2248 7528
ApplicationAccessibleWrap.h 619
DocAccessibleWrap.h 675 573
HTMLTableAccessibleWrap.h 761
HyperTextAccessibleWrap.h 570
ImageAccessibleWrap.h 595
MOXAccessibleBase.h 2722 8607
MOXAccessibleProtocol.h 5659
MOXMathAccessibles.h 1138 2859
MacUtils.h Get a localized string from the string bundle. Return nil if not found. 1211 Get a localized string from the a11y string bundle. Return nil if not found. 2798 4145
RootAccessibleWrap.h For documentation of the accessibility architecture, see 999 1336 1979
TextLeafAccessibleWrap.h 565
XULListboxAccessibleWrap.h 575
XULMenuAccessibleWrap.h 568
XULTreeGridAccessibleWrap.h 651 1515
mozAccessible.h All mozAccessibles are either abstract objects (that correspond to XUL widgets, HTML frames, etc) or are attached to a certain view; for example a document view. When we hand an object off to an AT, we always want to give it the represented view, in the latter case. 4779 28248
mozAccessibleProtocol.h This protocol's primary use is so widget/cocoa can talk back to us properly. ChildView owns the topmost mozRootAccessible, and needs to take care of setting up that parent/child relationship. This protocol is thus used to make sure it knows it's talking to us, and not just some random |id|. 1953
mozActionElements.h Simple subclasses for things like checkboxes, buttons, etc. 1543 6387
mozHTMLAccessible.h 766 2246
mozRootAccessible.h The root accessible. There is one per window. Created by the RootAccessibleWrap. 1448 2148
mozSelectableElements.h 1884 Return the mozAccessibles that are selectable. 5787
mozTableAccessible.h 1857 7893
mozTextAccessible.h 379 19300