Name Description Size
HTMLCanvasAccessible.cpp 623
HTMLCanvasAccessible.h HTML canvas accessible (html:canvas). 959
HTMLElementAccessibles.cpp 7612
HTMLElementAccessibles.h Used for HTML hr element. 4375
HTMLFormControlAccessible.cpp 27714
HTMLFormControlAccessible.h Accessible for HTML input@type="radio" element. 9699
HTMLImageMapAccessible.cpp 6216
HTMLImageMapAccessible.h Used for HTML image maps. 2504
HTMLLinkAccessible.cpp 3790
HTMLLinkAccessible.h Returns true if the link has href attribute. 1705
HTMLListAccessible.cpp 5751
HTMLListAccessible.h Used for HTML list (like HTML ul). 2978
HTMLSelectAccessible.cpp 16442
HTMLSelectAccessible.h Selects, Listboxes and Comboboxes, are made up of a number of different widgets, some of which are shared between the two. This file contains all of the widgets for both of the Selects, for HTML only. Listbox: - HTMLSelectListAccessible - HTMLSelectOptionAccessible Comboboxes: - HTMLComboboxAccessible - HTMLComboboxListAccessible [ inserted in accessible tree ] - HTMLSelectOptionAccessible(s) 6739
HTMLTableAccessible.cpp 27565
HTMLTableAccessible.h HTML table cell accessible (html:td). 7981 1437