Name Description Size
AccessibleWrap.cpp MaiAtkObject 52181
AccessibleWrap.h AccessibleWrap, and its descendents in atk directory provide the implementation of AtkObject. 2503
ApplicationAccessibleWrap.cpp 5040
ApplicationAccessibleWrap.h Return the atk object for app root accessible. 1108
ARIAGridAccessibleWrap.h 661
AtkSocketAccessible.cpp 3654
AtkSocketAccessible.h Provides a AccessibleWrap wrapper around AtkSocket for out-of-process accessibles. 1543
DocAccessibleWrap.cpp 1188
DocAccessibleWrap.h For documentation of the accessibility architecture, see 873
DOMtoATK.cpp 4448
DOMtoATK.h ATK offsets are counted in unicode codepoints, while DOM offsets are counted in UTF-16 code units. That makes a difference for non-BMP characters, which need two UTF-16 code units to be represented (a pair of surrogates), while they are just one unicode character. To keep synchronization between ATK offsets (unicode codepoints) and DOM offsets (UTF-16 code units), after translation from UTF-16 to UTF-8 we add a BOM after each non-BMP character (which would otherwise use 2 UTF-16 code units for only 1 unicode codepoint). BOMs (Byte Order Marks, U+FEFF, also known as ZERO WIDTH NO-BREAK SPACE, but that usage is deprecated) normally only appear at the beginning of unicode files, but their occurrence within text (notably after cut&paste) is not uncommon, and are thus considered as non-text. Since the selection requested through ATK may not contain both surrogates at the ends of the selection, we need to fetch one UTF-16 code point more on both side, and get rid of it before returning the string to ATK. The ATKStringConverterHelper class maintains this, NewATKString should be used to call it properly. In the end, - if the start is between the high and low surrogates, the UTF-8 result includes a BOM from it but not the character - if the end is between the high and low surrogates, the UTF-8 result includes the character but *not* the BOM - all non-BMP characters that are fully in the string are in the UTF-8 result as character followed by BOM 5537
HTMLTableAccessibleWrap.h 751
HyperTextAccessibleWrap.h 605
ImageAccessibleWrap.h 585
InterfaceInitFuncs.h XXX these should live in a file of utils for atk. 1594 1883
nsMai.h MaiAtkSocket 4229
nsMaiHyperlink.cpp MaiAtkHyperlink 7177
nsMaiHyperlink.h MaiHyperlink is a auxiliary class for MaiInterfaceHyperText. 1269
nsMaiInterfaceAction.cpp 2909
nsMaiInterfaceComponent.cpp 5388
nsMaiInterfaceDocument.cpp We don't support get_document or set_attribute right now. get_document_type is deprecated, we return DocType in get_document_attribute_value and get_document_attributes instead. 4483
nsMaiInterfaceEditableText.cpp 3815
nsMaiInterfaceHyperlinkImpl.cpp 969
nsMaiInterfaceHypertext.cpp 2478
nsMaiInterfaceImage.cpp 2247
nsMaiInterfaceSelection.cpp 3815
nsMaiInterfaceTable.cpp 10485
nsMaiInterfaceTableCell.cpp 5872
nsMaiInterfaceText.cpp 20576
nsMaiInterfaceValue.cpp 2813
nsStateMap.h The following accessible states aren't translated, just ignored: STATE_READONLY: Supported indirectly via EXT_STATE_EDITABLE STATE_HOTTRACKED: No ATK equivalent. No known use case. The nsIAccessible state is not currently supported. STATE_FLOATING: No ATK equivalent. No known use case. The nsIAccessible state is not currently supported. STATE_MOVEABLE: No ATK equivalent. No known use case. The nsIAccessible state is not currently supported. STATE_SELFVOICING: No ATK equivalent -- the object has self-TTS. The nsIAccessible state is not currently supported. STATE_LINKED: The object is formatted as a hyperlink. Supported via ATK_ROLE_LINK. STATE_EXTSELECTABLE: Indicates that an object extends its selection. This is supported via STATE_MULTISELECTABLE. STATE_PROTECTED: The object is a password-protected edit control. Supported via ATK_ROLE_PASSWORD_TEXT STATE_PINNED: The object is pinned, usually indicating it is fixed in place and has permanence. No ATK equivalent. The accessible state is not currently supported. The following ATK states are not supported: ATK_STATE_ARMED: No clear use case, used briefly when button is activated ATK_STATE_HAS_TOOLTIP: No clear use case, no IA2 equivalent ATK_STATE_ICONIFIED: Mozilla does not have elements which are collapsable into icons ATK_STATE_TRUNCATED: No clear use case. Indicates that an object's onscreen content is truncated, e.g. a text value in a spreadsheet cell. No IA2 state. **************************************************************************** 8507
Platform.cpp 9040
RootAccessibleWrap.cpp 659
RootAccessibleWrap.h GtkWindowAccessible is the accessible class for gtk+ native window. The instance of GtkWindowAccessible is a child of MaiAppRoot instance. It is added into root when the toplevel window is created, and removed from root when the toplevel window is destroyed. 1084
TextLeafAccessibleWrap.h 600
UtilInterface.cpp Hook id of 0 and signal id of 0 are invalid 11568
XULListboxAccessibleWrap.h 610
XULMenuAccessibleWrap.h 603
XULTreeGridAccessibleWrap.h 686