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// Generated by the Java program at /build/annotationProcessors at compile time
// from annotations on Java methods. To update, change the annotations on the
// corresponding Java methods and rerun the build. Manually updating this file
// will cause your build to fail.
#include "mozilla/java/GeckoWebExecutorWrappers.h"
#include "mozilla/jni/Accessors.h"
namespace mozilla {
namespace java {
const char GeckoWebExecutor::name[] =
constexpr char GeckoWebExecutor::CreateByteBuffer_t::name[];
constexpr char GeckoWebExecutor::CreateByteBuffer_t::signature[];
auto GeckoWebExecutor::CreateByteBuffer(int32_t a0, mozilla::jni::ByteBuffer::LocalRef* a1) -> nsresult
nsresult rv = NS_OK;
*a1 = mozilla::jni::Method<CreateByteBuffer_t>::Call(GeckoWebExecutor::Context(), &rv, a0);
return rv;
constexpr char GeckoWebExecutor::Fetch_t::name[];
constexpr char GeckoWebExecutor::Fetch_t::signature[];
constexpr char GeckoWebExecutor::Resolve_t::name[];
constexpr char GeckoWebExecutor::Resolve_t::signature[];
} /* java */
} /* mozilla */