Name Description Size Import all modules that are siblings of this one, triggering decorators in the process. 1916 Runs the 'l10n_bump' task. 2581 Create a JSON file that is used by Treeherder to display "Built from" links. 8564 363 Support for optimizing tasks based on the set of files that have changed. 1326
manifests Thunderbird specific taskgraph optimizers. 923 Register the additional comm_* parameters with taskgraph. Note that defaults_fn is registered, but it does not actually run by design in the decision task due to 'strict' being True in that case. 1864 Select tasks required for indexing Thunderbird for Searchfox web site each day 2839
transforms Override parse_platforms in the superclass. Removed the attempt to replace macosx64 jobs with macosx64-shippable. 3544