Name Description Size
SuiteBrowser.manifest 2368
browser-places.js 33910
content.js -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 21101
fullScreen.js 3972
hiddenWindow.xul 2135 1987
linkToolbarHandler.js LinkToolbarHandler is a Singleton that displays LINK elements and nodeLists of LINK elements in the Link Toolbar. It associates the LINK with a corresponding LinkToolbarItem based on it's REL attribute and the toolbar item's ID attribute. LinkToolbarHandler is also a Factory and will create LinkToolbarItems as necessary. 7184
linkToolbarItem.js LinkToolbarItem and its subclasses represent the buttons, menuitems, and menus that handle the various link types. 6313
linkToolbarOverlay.js called whenever something on the toolbar gets an oncommand event 6449
linkToolbarOverlay.xul 7715
mailNavigatorOverlay.js 4949
mailNavigatorOverlay.xul 3808
metadata.js 15987
metadata.xul 6930 719
navigator.css 3745
navigator.js 108925
navigator.xul 26224
navigatorDD.js 3590
navigatorOverlay.xul 34093
nsBrowserContentHandler.js 20646
nsBrowserContentListener.js implements nsIURIContentListener 5012
nsBrowserStatusHandler.js Returns true if |aMimeType| is text-based, false otherwise. @param aMimeType The MIME type to check. If adding types to this function, please also check the similar function in mozilla/toolkit/content/widgets/findbar.xml. 16230
nsTypeAheadFind.js nsIController 15487
pageinfo 7
safeBrowsingOverlay.js Used to report a phishing page or a false positive @param name String One of "PhishMistake", "MalwareMistake", or "Phish" @param info Information about the reasons for blocking the resource. In the case false positive, it may contain SafeBrowsing matching list and provider of the list @return String the report phishing URL. 2814
safeBrowsingOverlay.xul 1445
sessionHistoryUI.js 5608
tabbrowser.xml 135128
test 3
urlbarBindings.xml 25448
webDeveloperOverlay.js 7374
webDeveloperOverlay.xul 8187