Name Description Size
components.conf 3894 808
NewsAutoCompleteSearch.sys.mjs Find the newsgroup server associated with the given accountKey. @param accountKey The key of the account. @returns The incoming news server (or null if one does not exist). 3405
NewsDownloader.sys.mjs Download articles in all subscribed newsgroups for offline use. 4717
NntpChannel.sys.mjs A channel to interact with NNTP server. @implements {nsIChannel} @implements {nsIRequest} @implements {nsICacheEntryOpenCallback} 10621
NntpClient.sys.mjs A structure to represent a response received from the server. A response can be a single status line of a multi-line data block. @typedef {object} NntpResponse @property {number} status - The status code of the response. @property {string} statusText - The status line of the response excluding the status code. @property {string} data - The part of a multi-line data block excluding the status line. 27476
nntpCore.h 5706
NntpIncomingServer.sys.mjs A class to represent a NNTP server. @implements {nsINntpIncomingServer} @implements {nsIMsgIncomingServer} @implements {nsISupportsWeakReference} @implements {nsISubscribableServer} @implements {nsITreeView} @implements {nsIUrlListener} 16278
NntpMessageService.sys.mjs A message service for news-message://, mainly used for displaying messages. @implements {nsIMsgMessageService} @implements {nsIMsgMessageFetchPartService} 8290
NntpNewsGroup.sys.mjs A helper class for NntpClient to deal with msg db and folders. 12223
NntpProtocolHandler.sys.mjs @implements {nsIProtocolHandler} 1274
NntpProtocolInfo.sys.mjs @implements {nsIMsgProtocolInfo} 1201
NntpService.sys.mjs @implements {nsINntpService} 7741
NntpUtils.sys.mjs Collection of helper functions for NNTP. 2014
nsNewsDownloadDialogArgs.cpp 2037
nsNewsDownloadDialogArgs.h 790
nsNewsDownloader.cpp Saving news messages 8466
nsNewsDownloader.h block 2871
nsNewsFolder.cpp 49938
nsNewsFolder.h Interface for representing News folders. 5181
nsNewsUtils.cpp parses NewsMessageURI 1945
nsNewsUtils.h 1011
nsNntpUrl.cpp News URI parsing explanation: We support 3 different news URI schemes, essentially boiling down to 8 different formats: news://host/group news://host/message news://host/ news:group news:message nntp://host/group nntp://host/group/key news-message://host/group#key In addition, we use queries on the news URIs with authorities for internal NNTP processing. The most important one is ?group=group&key=key, for cache canonicalization. 13607
nsNntpUrl.h 1964