Name Description Size
certFetchingStatus.js We expect the following arguments: - pref name of LDAP directory to fetch from - array with email addresses Display modal dialog with message and stop button. In onload, kick off binding to LDAP. When bound, kick off the searches. On finding certificates, import into permanent cert database. When all searches are finished, close the dialog. 6424
certFetchingStatus.xhtml &title.label; 1219
certpicker.js -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 1916
certpicker.xhtml &certPicker.title; 1686
components.conf 2401 900
msgCompSecurityInfo.js 3304
msgCompSecurityInfo.xhtml &title.label; 2409
msgReadSMIMEOverlay.js import-globals-from ../../../mail/base/content/aboutMessage.js 7720
nsCertPicker.cpp 13226
nsCertPicker.h 946
nsCMS.cpp 35338
nsCMS.h 3565
nsCMSSecureMessage.cpp nsCMSSecureMessage *** 2849
nsCMSSecureMessage.h 1337
nsEncryptedSMIMEURIsService.cpp 1118
nsEncryptedSMIMEURIsService.h 651
nsICertPickDialogs.idl nsICertPickDialogs provides a generic UI for choosing a certificate. 852
nsICMSDecoder.idl nsICMSDecoder Streaming interface to decode an CMS message, the input data may be passed in chunks. Cannot be called from JS. 930
nsICMSDecoderJS.idl nsICMSDecoderJS Interface to decode a CMS message, can be called from JavaScript. 760
nsICMSEncoder.idl nsICMSEncoder Interface to Encode an CMS message 889
nsICMSMessage.idl At the time the ptr type is eliminated in both interfaces, both should be made scriptable. 2701
nsICMSMessageErrors.idl nsICMSMessageErrors Scriptable error constants for nsICMSMessage 1283
nsICMSSecureMessage.idl nsICMSManager (service) Interface to access users certificate store 887
nsIEncryptedSMIMEURIsSrvc.idl This is a private interface used exclusively by SMIME. It provides functionality to the JS UI code, that is only accessible from C++. 833
nsIMsgSMIMEHeaderSink.idl This is a private interface used exclusively by SMIME. NO ONE outside of extensions/smime or the hard coded smime decryption files in mime/src should have any knowledge nor should be referring to this interface. 1238
nsIUserCertPicker.idl 1299
nsMsgComposeSecure.cpp destructor code 42207
nsMsgComposeSecure.h normal unencapsulated MIME message 3748