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.eslintrc.js 290
am-newsblog.js import-globals-from ../../base/prefs/content/am-prefs.js 4364
am-newsblog.xhtml &accountTitle.label; 6719
components.conf 859
feed-subscriptions.js @file GUI-side code for managing folder subscriptions. 98689
feed-subscriptions.xhtml &feedSubscriptions.label; 11640
Feed.jsm A Feed object. If aFolder is the account root folder, a new subfolder for the feed url is created otherwise the url will be subscribed to the existing aFolder, upon successful download() completion. @class @param {string} aFeedUrl - feed url. @param {nsIMsgFolder} aFolder - folder containing or to contain the feed subscription. 20060
feedAccountWizard.js Feed account standalone wizard functions. 1864
feedAccountWizard.xhtml &feedWindowTitle.label; 3230
FeedItem.jsm Writes the item to the folder as a message and updates the feeditems db. @returns {void} 14038
FeedParser.jsm The feed parser. Depends on FeedItem.js, Feed.js. @class 45467
FeedUtils.jsm ;q=0.1", // Timeout for nonresponse to request, 30 seconds. REQUEST_TIMEOUT: 30 * 1000, MILLISECONDS_PER_DAY: 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000, // Maximum number of concurrent in progress feeds, across all accounts. kMaxConcurrentFeeds: 25, get MAX_CONCURRENT_FEEDS() { let pref = "rss.max_concurrent_feeds"; if (Services.prefs.prefHasUserValue(pref)) { return Services.prefs.getIntPref(pref); } Services.prefs.setIntPref(pref, FeedUtils.kMaxConcurrentFeeds); return FeedUtils.kMaxConcurrentFeeds; }, // The amount of time, specified in milliseconds, to leave an item in the // feeditems cache after the item has disappeared from the publisher's // file. The default delay is one day. kInvalidItemPurgeDelayDays: 1, get INVALID_ITEM_PURGE_DELAY() { let pref = "rss.invalid_item_purge_delay_days"; if (Services.prefs.prefHasUserValue(pref)) { return Services.prefs.getIntPref(pref) * this.MILLISECONDS_PER_DAY; } Services.prefs.setIntPref(pref, FeedUtils.kInvalidItemPurgeDelayDays); return FeedUtils.kInvalidItemPurgeDelayDays * this.MILLISECONDS_PER_DAY; }, // Polling interval to check individual feed update interval preference. kBiffPollMinutes: 1, kNewsBlogSuccess: 0, // Usually means there was an error trying to parse the feed. kNewsBlogInvalidFeed: 1, // Generic networking failure when trying to download the feed. kNewsBlogRequestFailure: 2, kNewsBlogFeedIsBusy: 3, // For 304 Not Modified; There are no new articles for this feed. kNewsBlogNoNewItems: 4, kNewsBlogCancel: 5, kNewsBlogFileError: 6, // Invalid certificate, for overridable user exception errors. kNewsBlogBadCertError: 7, // For 401 Unauthorized or 403 Forbidden. kNewsBlogNoAuthError: 8, CANCEL_REQUESTED: false, AUTOTAG: "~AUTOTAG", FEED_ACCOUNT_TYPES: ["rss"], /** Get all rss account servers rootFolders. @returns {nsIMsgIncomingServer}[] - Array of servers (empty array if none). 69812 878 554
NewsBlog.jsm 1110
newsblogOverlay.js globals ReloadMessage, getMessagePaneBrowser, openContentTab, GetNumSelectedMessages, gMessageNotificationBar 13484