Name Description Size
data 4
head_mailbase.js 689
nodelist_test.xml 128
test_accountMgr.js This tests that we cleanup the account prefs when the account manager is loaded. This entails removing duplicate accounts from mail.accountmanager.accounts list, and removing duplicate accounts with the same server. 4331
test_accountMgr2.js This tests various methods and attributes on nsIMsgAccountManager. 2550
test_accountMgrCustomTypes.js This tests that accounts with invalid types, such as could be created from an extension, do not disappear immediately when the extension is unloaded. Adapted from test_AccountMgr.js by Kent James <> 3718
test_accountMgrMovedLocalFolders.js 1998
test_accountMgrRemoveDefault.js This tests that if the default account is removed, the default becomes another account or null. The removed account must not remain the default. 2367
test_accountMigration.js This tests that we don't try to reset the mail.server.server<n>.authMethod preference every time we run the migration code, and other migration stuff 6922
test_acctRepair.js This tests that we recover from having a local folders server without having an account that points at it. 2169
test_bccInDatabase.js Testing of bcc in message summary file added in bug 481667 1312
test_bug428427.js 7023
test_bug434810.js 1087
test_bug471682.js Test of message database validity on local copy from bug 471682. What we want to do here is to copy a couple of message to a new folder, and then compare the date and filesize of the folder file with the stored result in dbfolderinfo. If they don't match, that's bad. 3222
test_bug514945.js Testing of GetAvailable crashes in bug 514945 1340
test_compactColumnSave.js Test for custom column header settings lost after folder compact adapted from test_folderCompact.js Basic test procedure: Open mail account create sub-folder named "folder2" Set custom column headings on folder2 Copy in two messages Remove one message Compact folder2 Close folder2 Reopen folder2 Check whether custom column headings are still there 6248
test_compactFailure.js import-globals-from ../../../test/resources/logHelper.js 5287
test_converterDeferredAccount.js Check that conversion worked for the given source. @param source - mbox source directory @param target - maildir target directory 6190
test_copyChaining.js import-globals-from ../../../test/resources/MessageGenerator.jsm 2666
test_copyToInvalidDB.js Simple tests for copying local messages to a folder whose db is missing or invalid 3528
test_detachToFile.js Tests nsIMessenger's detachAttachmentsWOPrompts 4041
test_emptyTrash.js Test suite for empty trash Currently tested: - Empty local trash TODO - Empty imap trash 5099
test_fix_deferred_accounts.js This tests that we cleanup the account prefs when a pop3 account has been deferred to a hidden account. 2703
test_folderCompact.js Test suite for folder compaction Currently tested: - Compacting local folders TODO - Compacting imap offline stores. 10858
test_folderCompact2.js A few more specific mbox compaction tests for local folders: - mbox file contains exactly what we expect after compaction? test_folderCompact.js tends to rely on checking values in the msgDB. - works with messages larger than compaction code internal buffer? - X-Mozilla-Status/Status2/Keys headers handled as expected? Note: all these tests perform a seemingly-arbitrary delete. This is to trigger the folder compactor to actually do work. Without that delete it tends to think that compaction isn't required and does nothing. 9383
test_folderLookupService.js This tests that nsIFolderLookupService works according to specification. 2761
test_formatFileSize.js Tests for the formatFileSize method. 4009
test_getMsgTextFromStream.js Test suite for GetMsgTextFromStream. Currently tests: text/plain, text/html -- with tags stripped and without, base64, multipart. Does not currently test: quoted-printable, stripping quotes, UTF-8, small values of bytesToRead. 3593
test_headerFoldingInDatabase.js Testing header folding in nsParseMailMessageState::ParseHeaders(), see bug 1454257 and bug 1456001. 1383
test_hostnameUtils.js Tests for hostnameUtils.jsm. 8679
test_imapPump.js Simple demonstration of the imap pump test method. 2546
test_inheritedFolderProperties.js Testing of inherited folder properties 6357
test_jsTreeSelection.js 8974
test_junkingWhenDisabled.js Test that junk actions work even when the bayes filtering of incoming messages is disabled, as fixed in bug 487610. Test developed by Kent James using test_nsMsgDBView.js as a base. 6062
test_loadVirtualFolders.js 1806
test_mailServices.js Tests for the MailServices module. 1303
test_mailstoreConverter.js Helper to create a server, account and inbox, and install an mbox file. @param {String} srvName - A unique server name to use for the test. @param {String} mboxFilename - mbox file to install and convert. @returns {nsIMsgIncomingServer} a server. 13055
test_mimemaltdetach.js Tests nsIMessenger's detachAttachmentsWOPrompts of Mime multi-part alternative messages. 4215
test_MsgIncomingServer.js Test password is migrated when changing hostname/username. 2498
test_MsgKeySet.js Test MsgKeySet.addRange works correctly. 2008
test_newMailNotification.js Tests for platform-independent code to count new and unread messages and pass the information to platform-specific notification modules 3586
test_nsIFolderListener.js Test that adding nsIFolderListener in js does not cause any crash. 1355
test_nsIMsgContentPolicy.js Test suite for nsIMsgContentPolicy to check we could add/remove customized protocol to nsMsgContentPolicy. 1970
test_nsIMsgFolder.js Test suite for nsIMsgFolder functions. 2761
test_nsIMsgFolderCache.js Sanity checks for nsIMsgFolderCache/nsIMsgFolderCacheElement. 6900
test_nsIMsgFolderListener.js Test suite for basic functionality with nsIMsgFolderListeners. 6693
test_nsIMsgFolderListenerLocal.js Test suite for nsIMsgFolderListener events due to local mail folder operations. Currently tested: - Adding new folders - Copy messages from files into the db - Moving and copying one or more messages from one local folder to another - Moving folders, with and without subfolders - Renaming folders - Deleting messages and folders, to trash and from trash (permanently) 12489
test_nsIMsgTagService.js Tests of nsIMsgTagService. Specifically tests changes implemented in bug 217034 Does not do comprehensive testing. 3698
test_nsMailDirProvider.js Test suite for nsMailDirProvider to check we get the right directories and files. 787
test_nsMsgDBView_headerValues.js Test that nsMsgDBView properly reports the values of messages in the display. 3589
test_nsMsgDBView.js Attempt to test nsMsgDBView and descendents. Right now this means we: - Ensure sorting and grouping sorta works, including using custom columns. Things we really should do: - Test that secondary sorting works, especially when the primary column is a custom column. You may also want to look into the test_viewWrapper_*.js tests as well. 37257
test_nsMsgMailSession_Alerts.js Test suite for nsMsgMailSession functions relating to alerts and their listeners. 5008
test_nsMsgMailSession_Listeners.js Test suite for nsMsgMailSession functions relating to listeners. 4963
test_nsMsgTraitService.js 3853
test_postPluginFilters.js tests post-plugin message filters as implemented in bug 198100 5974
test_retention.js Simple tests for retention settings. In particular, we'd like to make sure that applying retention settings works with the new code that avoids opening db's to apply retention settings if the folder doesn't override the server defaults. 2786
test_saveAs.js Invokes nsMessenger::saveAs with the bypass of the File Picker to check if the saved file as .eml .html or .txt contains certain strings (header, body, ...). See `checkedContent` for the compared strings. 5010
test_testsuite_base64.js Tests functions atob() and btoa() in mailnews/test/resources/MailTestUtils.jsm . Note: btoa() = base64 encode atob() = base64 decode (i.e. "binary" = plain, and "ascii" = encoded) 559
test_testsuite_fakeserver_imapd_gmail.js 3250
test_testsuite_fakeserver_imapd_list-extended.js 5934
test_testsuite_fakeserverAuth.js Tests functions in mailnews/test/fakeserver/Auth.jsm which are responsible for the authentication in the fakeserver. Do NOT essentially re-code the auth schemes here, just check roundtrips, against static values etc.. 1632
test_viewSortByAddresses.js Attempt to test nsMsgDBView's handling of sorting by sender/recipients when using a display name from the address book. 5130
xpcshell.ini 1845